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Pick Up In Aisle Seven

WE GET ON A PLANE AND FLY ACROSS THE OCEAN to another country where we expect things to be different and they are in many ways. Despite this thought there is a mountain of ways where the differences are merely cosmetic at best.

Back home in HoosierLand (AKA Indiana) when I have the need to go grocery shopping I just hop into the Toyota Stretch Limo and zip down the street to the Kroger Supermarket. In Ireland the differences are minimal. Instead of Kroger we go into the Tesco Supermarket where I can find everything I need. It might take a bit of a search, but I can find it all eventually. I go to Kroger and I leave happy. I go to Tesco and I leave happy.

If I am not looking for anything more than pre-fabricated trash in Indiana I know where to go – I hustle on down to the Dollar Store where I can find almost anything that I know will not survive the weekend.

In Ireland I have a place to go where I can be equally disappointed with the quality of the merchandise – “Mr. Price.” Not only does most of the stuff for sale there come from same factories in China or Bangladesh as the junk at the Dollar Store it is one of the rare places in Ireland that carries Dr. Pepper. Not even the Tesco store has that elixir of the U.S. Southland.

One extra point for Mr. Price.

While we stay in Ireland and we find that we need something that most of our rental homes just don’t have there is a solution. Whatever that mysterious item might be there we have located a place that I guarantee will have it. In the U.S. of A that store is called “Bed, Bath, and Beyond.” The Gaelic version of that is “Home Store and More.” The “More” equates to the American “Beyond.”

The customer base in both stores is identical. The aisles are clogged with young couples putting together their first home; Nervous parents gathering up the knick-knacks and whatchamacallits for their college-bound kids dorm rooms. There are also the meandering tourists looking for some arcane gizmo that will remind them of home. It’s all rather heartwarming in a crock pot liner bag sort of a way.

I have a feeling that these kinds of stores exist everywhere now. I would even place a bet at one of the Irish “Paddy Power” legal betting shops that if I was vacationing and seeing the sites in Outer Mongolia I could buy myself a lovely steel Pizza Cutter at the local “Yurt, Nomadic Tent and More” store. Why, I might even be able to pick up a six pack of Dr. Pepper from aisle 7 at the nearest “Tughrik Store” or “Mr. Mongol.”

We have been out and about picking up the little things to make our home away from home ready for our soon to arrive Cousins from Alaska. They are scheduled to arrive in just a couple of days.

Then let the adventure begin.

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