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Throwback Thursday From October 2016 – “It Looks Real To Me”

imagesYOU CAN’T ALWAYS BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE on the internet. I don’t believe half of what I see and even less of what I say. I do have great trust in Abraham Lincoln and what he says.

You can always believe Abe Lincoln.


downloadfileA couple of weeks ago someone posted a picture of a castle high on a crag, accessible only by water. It was supposed to be in the waters just off the Irish coast. In all the years that Dawn and I have been going to Ireland we had never seen this most remarkable structure – with good reason – it doesn’t exist.

With Photoshop and the like you can create almost anything, for any purpose. I admit that if I had the software, the skill, and the time to waste I could probably come up with a few imaginary gems myself. I could, but I’d rather just sit back and let somebody else waste their time, effort, and bandwidth to create some fake imagery.

I bet that half of what we all see on TV and on our computers during this Election Season is pure baloney. Half fake with the other half untrue – and I think I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. And there is plenty of doubt to go around.

For instance, I do not believe that any candidate actually has red horns sproutingcheeseburger_350 from their head. I admit that it might be possible, but…Nah. I can accept the pictures of an office seeker conferring with Space Aliens, but horns – not likely.

Some of the things I see online I wish were true. Cheeseburger Oreos? I kind of like that idea. Having a package of those babies in the car might make idly sitting by as a slow moving train passes a more tolerable event. Alas, they do not exist either.

lotterywinner_350I’d also like it to be true that there is some schlub, who has been living in his parent’s basement since 1992, who has hit the lottery AND found True Love all within two days. I’m a sucker for romantic stories like that. Is it true? Did that really happen? Wait – let’s ask Abe Lincoln for his opinion.

What do you say, Abe? Is that story true or not?


20160930_151933That settles that. The guy is still sleeping in the basement – alone – and broke.

Another fake that I keep seeing is some guy holding his pet cat in his arms. It looks like the guy and his puddy tat weigh about the same –  150 pounds. Not Real. If I 2000snowballcat_350had a cat that big I’d probably herniate myself just cleaning the cat’s litter box. And I’d be as broke as the guy living in his parent’s basement. Cat food is not cheap and that animal looks like he has quite an appetite.

So much of the fakery is about food – all those fake cookies. I can’t even make myself some toast without bumping into more that is not real – not what I want to believe. They think they have fooled me, but they have failed because even though they call it –


I believe.

Still, too much is Fake. Just yesterday Abe told me that he had joined a Dance Troup:

“The Rhythmic Abes.”

I just find it hard to believe.


Oh, well. I guess that one is true

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6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday From October 2016 – “It Looks Real To Me”

  1. 🙂 This was fun reading, John. Thanks.

    The photo of the Castle sitting high up on that big rock – guess who sent that to you? I thought it was probably real when I posted it. I think I would have posted it even if is not real. It’s a neat photo.

    Thanks for not mentioning who sent you the photo. Oh, Wait—-my name is on this reply. Well, part of it.

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  2. John, I love your posts for their humor and, of course, truthfulness. I believe lots of far out stuff but here’s one thing I never believe, a contractor who talks you when he’ll be at your house to start a job. These guys are the worse. Otherwise, I’m gullible for everything and anything.

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  3. Lincoln never said that. It was Eleanor Roosevelt.

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