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Happy Hour!

LITTLE BY LITTLE, STEP BY STEP. The universe is starting to listen to me and take my suggestions to create a better world.


This morning I pulled the Toyota into the parking lot at St. Arbucks and I noticed a large sign tied to a steel barrier by the front door.

Happy Hour at St. Arbucks? Two weeks when their “Frappe-whatevers” will be half price. Well, Yippee-ki- yo – I guess.

Leave your day behind. Forget the stress and strain of the job and drown it all in a pancreas shattering blast of sugar.

I like the concept of the traditional Happy Hour. I think it can salvage a lot of sanity at the expense of a few brain cells, but this sounds like an event subsidized by Weight Watchers and the Insulin Suppliers of America –Incorporated.

Don’t get me wrong. If you’re a sane adult I think you should have a pretty darned wide latitude of what you can do with your own body – as long as you don’t scare the horses or foul the footpath. I just find this version of the Happy Hour institution to be outside of my own personal boundaries of what I can and will consume. I don’t even know where we keep the sugar in our own kitchen. I do know where the bottle of Buffalo Sauce is though.

The part of this “St. Arbucks Happy Hour” that I do like is that Seattle seems to be coming more amenable to expanding their menu marketing.

A few months back the District Manager or whatever his title was and a couple of “Suits” from the Corporate Office were visiting the Chapel and I was able to get their collective ears for a few minutes. I was a geezer with an idea and I wanted to offer it up to them, free of charge.

My suggestion was to remodel the store, adding a second floor, and opening up a Tiki-Bar up there, offering real adult beverages. I thought it was a good idea. Apparently so did they because the District Manager announced that they were already modifying three stores in Indianapolis to have a “21 and over” second floor. The liquor licenses were already being processed. A nice idea, but no Tiki statues, palapas, or fire pits, and no grass-skirted servers. That’s no fun. That’s just another bar.

I haven’t been inside one of the new two-story St. Arbucks yet. I suppose, that in the name of accuracy and idle curiosity, I must venture forth on a fact finding mission. Perhaps after the local “Happy Hour” promotion is finished so I can do an honest comparison.

Once I get this thing fully organized I may charter a bus if anyone else might like to come along. Of course, a goodly portion of those coming on the bus must accept duties of “Designated Drivers,” just in case the analysis gets a little deeper than planned.

As far as “Half Priced Frappa-Whatevers” are concerned – if that’s strikes a responsive chord in you – go for it. I want that business to be a success so I can continue to have my morning unsweetened coffee quietly seated at my corner table. Heaven forbid that they went belly up and I was forced to go someplace else. My world would wobble and I’d have to start sipping my coffee from a paper cup. I don’t know if I could handle that. I’m such a sensitive soul.

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7 thoughts on “Happy Hour!

  1. Hilbob on said:

    half price fraps = one for each side of your mouth- my sista from anudder mudder has this marked on her calendar- yeah double brain freeze!

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  2. A bus trip to Indy. Hmmm…… With you. That would be interesting in itself, without the visit to one of their St. Arbucks. Although I’m don’t indulge anymore in the hard stuff, a cold beer upstairs in their Chapel sounds pretty good. Put me on the “Maybe List”, John.

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  3. Yes and I’ll take a great coffee any day over a cocktail. Oh and no sugar needed here!

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  4. You can be the designated driver John. ☺☺☺

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