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Throwback Thursday From December 2016 – “The Name Game”

f0bf7e046eb40ca7200c68cb9f6c806bI TOOK MYSELF ON A LITTLE FACT FINDING MISSION the other day. It was inspired by seeing a picture of the actress Tuesday Weld. Most men my age remember her from the TV show, “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.” She played the gorgeous blonde Thalia Menninger. After she left the show nobody cared about it any longer.

My research topic had little to do with the lovely Thalia, but more to do with Tuesday – and Wednesday and Thursday, etc.

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I wondered if there were many other people named after the days of the week. (I know. I need to get out more.) To learn more about this I dove headfirst into the Internet and I certainly did learn some things.

According to the White Pages website there are 4504 people walking around with the first name of Sunday. Why they were named that I don’t know. None of these 4504 people were Billy Sunday – for two reasons.

1) Sunday was his last name, not his first, and

2) He’s been dead a long time with no immediate plans to change that.

Billy Sunday, for the uninformed, was a professional Baseball player who transitioned into becoming a very well known preacher, crisscrossing America, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

sb_1985_topps_mondayWhile Sunday has 4504 children, MONDAY has a mere 385. Nobody likes Mondays anyway. For some reason most of the folks named Monday live in Alabama. I don’t know why, unless they have a shorter commute to work in Alabama.

As with Billy Sunday, a gent named Rick Monday, another Baseball player, does not really qualify to be included here, unless he moves to Alabama – then it’s their problem.

TUESDAY has 2971 other Tuesdays wandering around. Most of them were really named after Tuesday Weld who, by all rights, should not be included in this thing because her real first name was Susan. But she was pretty, so in she stays! It’s my blog; I’ll do what I want!

611 is more than just the number for my cellphone Customer Service. It is also the number of people limping along who are named WEDNESDAY.wednesday-addams-tv

About the only reference I could find to a person with that name comes from the TV show, “The Addams Family,” where actress Lisa Loring played the spooky daughter of Gomez and Morticia. I suspect that there are only 611 Wednesdays because the Addams Family character was not very nice and, more importantly, she was not Tuesday Weld with her 2971 namesakes and dimples.


Mr. and Mrs. Thursday

As my research sadly showed me THURSDAY just hasn’t been very popular – as a day of the week or as a name. Only 80 people are out there carrying the first name of Thursday. I think it is because it sits in between Wednesday (AKA “Humpday”), and Friday – the start of the weekend. The best thing you can say about Thursday is that it isn’t Monday even though Monday has 385 people brave enough to bear the name. After all, they’re in Alabama.

Things pick up on FRIDAY. There are 543 Fridays out there, but this time most of them are living in Hawaii – not a bad deal (No offense Alabama).68626-004-b001cd6d

I’m guessing that the Hawaiian Fridays are named after the character in the novel “Robinson Crusoe.” In the book Friday saved Crusoe’s bacon and hung out at Crusoe’s Castaway Hotel and Conference Center doing odd jobs (Oddjob, however, was a villain in the movie “Goldfinger.”No relation, I’m sure.)

joe_fridayThe other Fridays, the ones not in Hawaii, are probably named after Sgt. Joe Friday from the TV show “Dragnet.” He was not a handsome man and certainly less likely to inspire people to name their kids after him than did Tuesday Weld.


This brings us to SATURDAY and a paltry 33 people with that as their first

1/21/07 --- Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday (63) celebrates his touchdown fourth quarter in the AFC Championship game Sunday afternoon at the RCA Dome. (Matt Kryger / The Star) with spCOLTS22 stories, File #137343 ORG XMIT: 137343 (Via MerlinFTP Drop)

name. It kind of makes Thursday look not so anemic. The only person I could find named Saturday was Jeff Saturday who played football for the Indianapolis Colts.

Having Saturday as his surname put him in the same slot as Billy Sunday and Rick Monday. It must be a Sports thing.

I know that this is hardly a topic with a wide expanse of interest – me included. In fact, my only real justification for its existence is Tuesday Weld and that justification is good seven days a week. tuesday-weld

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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday From December 2016 – “The Name Game”


    There are a bunch of last name John Saturday. Only two with my first name. If you click on the name it gives address and phone number. No first name Saturdays that I could find either.

    I’d never read or heard of what you write about today. Interesting. Thanks, John.

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  2. Great research. I can’t believe Wednesday beat Thursday and Saturday. The only name more bland than Wednesday would be vanilla. Maybe this will inspire some research into flavor names.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I worked with a guy whose last name was Freitag, or Friday in German. Does that count?

    Liked by 1 person

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