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Searching For The Saint

ON THE MORNING OF THE THIRD DAY – in Adrian, Michigan a small open window of opportunity presented itself. From about 9:30 until Noon I was free to pursue my main personal goal for this trip. I was determined to get myself a decent cup of coffee…and maybe do a little writing on a story I’ve been wrestling with for a month. From 9:30 until Noon, two and a half hours, 150 minutes. Not much time, but better than a kick in the chronograph.

How was I going to achieve this lofty goal?

By finding the new local chapel of St. Arbucks, you silly rabbit! There was no chapel to the Patron Saint of Jittery People here the last time we were in town. That was four years ago, but civilization has come at last to Adrian, Michigan!

Can I have an “Amen” on that?

The only problem in my way was that I had no idea where it was located. Adrian is a small town, but not that small. It is bigger than Mayberry. It has more than one red light and the “Welcome to Adrian” and the “Please Come Again” signs are not on the same pole.

The Starbucks “app” gave me a tiny map on my phone, but it was useless, being about 1 ½” inches square and illegible. I had to resort to human contact.

We were staying at the large Conference Center/ Residential Facility for retired Dominican nuns. While

lovely and charming the nuns were of no help when it came to locating my decent cup o’coffee. The receptionist at the main entrance, another nun, was able to give me a hint – “I think it’s next to the Wal-Mart.” It wasn’t much, but it was a start. I had been through the North side of town and it was not there and it was unlikely that Wal-Mart would be located in Downtown Adrian. That left the South Side of town as the most likely geographic suspect.

I took our nephew David with me – another pair of eyes couldn’t hurt in the search for St. Arbucks. We headed off through town Hell-bent for Caffeine. I made a couple of questionable wrong turns before hitting a busy commercial strip on the South Side of town. After a few minutes and ill advised lane changes we spotted our goal! It was hidden in a small strip mall next to the world’s tiniest Pizza`Hut (They could only serve one slice at a time).

It was quite roomy as far as Starbucks go. There were several obligatory college students in there studying away at an espresso pace. Seated in a couple of the Easy Chairs were two shady looking older guys reading newspapers and looking like they had been carved out of apples

. We ignored them and headed for the nearest person wearing an apron and a smile.

It is amazing how fast an hour and a half can vanish when you have coffee and another person in front of you across the table.

Sip, Sip…Yak, Yak, Yak…Sip, sip, Sip, and the time just flies.

The next thing you know it is time to get that free refill and head back to the Conference Center on the other side of town.

If it looks like we might be coming back to this part of Michigan in the future I am going to agitate Seattle to open another Chapel on the North Side – better yet…open a new shop inside the Conference Center and give those retired nuns a little pick-me-up.

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One thought on “Searching For The Saint

  1. Glad you was able to get your fix. A day without coffee is like a day without…well, pretty much everything.


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