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I Don’t Want To See Any Pictures


SOME DAYS I WONDER. I know I’m not alone in that. What am I wondering about?

Us. You, me and all the others out there every day who are doing the darndest things that defy logic, common sense, and threaten our status as the tippy-top of the food chain. I’ve got to stop looking at the online news in the morning before I’ve had my coffee and my meds.

Just this morning I was mentally assaulted by stories that dragged my brain lobes around like they were Fisher-Price pull toys.

Why is it above the electronic fold in the news that Nicholas Cage is asking that his marriage be annulled? It was just four days ago that he said “I do” and now he is saying, “I did?”

Nick has been married four times now. I think it should be obvious that he doesn’t do it well. Once, twice I can see that. Things happen. Four times indicates that a remedial class in Marriage License Acquisition might be in order.

The Cage’s Wedding Cake

He admits that he and the “Mrs. du Jour” were both hammered when they got the marriage license and later that day when they tied the slipknot. It almost goes without saying that this all took place in Las Vegas.

I wasted a few more minutes to read further. Mr. Cage was upset to learn that his not blushing bride was simultaneously “involved” with another biped and that she has a criminal record as long as your bar tab. They had been together since last year, but he just learned of these…problems after taking their vows.

It’s all a matter of bad timing as I see it.

On a lighter note, depending on your level of medication, there was also a story out of Arizona that caught my plastic-lensed eyes. I winced and then for some strange reason, the old disco song “It’s Raining Men” by the Weather Girls came to mind.

It was about a week or so ago and a fellow (identified as a man in his 50s from Hong Kong) was visiting the Grand Canyon with his tour group. Apparently he wanted to get some really good pictures close to the edge of the canyon. Based on my own experience at the Grand Canyon I am willing to bet that he was taking “Selfies” when he tripped and stumbled followed by a 1000 ft. drop to the Hualapai Tribal Reservation on the canyon floor.

“Here comes another one!”

I have seen hundreds of tourists turning their backs on the vistas and snapping pictures of themselves. I have also seen a bunch of said tourists trip and fall while walking around backwards. Fortunately, I’ve never seen anyone taking a header over the edge.

Shame on me for thinking, “I wonder if he took any pictures on the way down?”

Two stories on the same day assaulting my eyes prior to me getting any caffeine into my system. Both stories involving someone taking some rash steps. One will survive, physically at least, but both of them probably have some pictures that that no one will want to look at.


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One thought on “I Don’t Want To See Any Pictures

  1. Jiffy corn muffin, slip knot… the laughs are plentiful here, John. Thank you! Selfies at the Grand Canyon? Not a good idea.

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