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Throwback Thursday from April 2016 – “I’d Like To Propose A Toast”



simple and uncomplicated. Today is one of those days. Yesterday was too and I don’t see any changes coming in the next few days.

I wake up – a simple, uncomplicated and most grateful beginning to my day. If I don’t wake up I know (or will know) immediately that something is seriously wrong. Complications will be abundant.

But, let’s assume that I have survived to another day. Now what?

Something to eat!

I’m a big fan of eating. I’m not fussy. Being pretty much an Omnivore comes in handy around breakfast time. I will eat just about anything at any time of day.


Unfortunately, I find it difficult to find a decent Prime Rib and Yorkshire Pudding at 7:30 in the morning. An alternative must be found.

This morning, once I had determined that I was alive, I knew that the next step was FOOD! Prime Rib was out, so I had to find a suitable alternative. The search was on.

I eliminated the banana. No to bacon and eggs – too much too soon. Maybe for lunch. Maybe for a midnight snack – more likely a 10 PM snack. I can’t usually make it to midnight any more.


After about a half an hour of poking around the kitchen I made my choice: Toast.

I know, I know, it does seem like quite a lengthy and stupid process to end up with two slices of buttered toast and a cup of tea. It was good, but halfway through the second slice I remembered that there was some really kick-butt grape jam in the fridge. My bad. Maybe tomorrow, unless I opt for some cheap frozen Mexican chimichangas. (I do not advise eating frozen Mexican food for breakfast unless you are a seasoned professional breakfast scavenger.)


A few years ago someone described my culinary hunt and peck menu thusly. “John, every meal you fix for yourself is like a dog’s breakfast – a little of this, some of that, scratch yourself, nibble some more, and then snack a bit.”


I can’t really argue with that. Woof, Woof.

“They” say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I don’t know if I buy that. It is usually the first meal, (Not implying any importance to it) but beyond that I have little faith in what “they” have to say.

Personally, I think the most important meal of the day is the one that is in front of me, closely followed by the next meal. The meal just past is rated on the amount of intestinal distress I must endure. Cucumbers and I do not agree at any time of day. Cucumbers – a delicious and refreshing item can turn my intestinal tract into the battlefield of Hastings in 1066 (Look it up.)


I can eat frozen Mexican food without any problem, but slip me a bit of cucumber and stay back or risk becoming collateral damage. No cukes for breakfast.

So, here I am sitting at the dining room table, nibbling on my toast, and chatting with Dawn and our two partners in travel, Laura and Ellen,

After I bus my table we will be heading out and become tourists.

Toast and tourist – that’s me. 2

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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday from April 2016 – “I’d Like To Propose A Toast”

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Again, I can relate. I really “like” the last photo of the Pink Flamingos that represent tourists. Funny…..but, solid Jack…, I mean John. What EVER you do over there, just make it a fun thing. Both of you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As always, puts a smile on my face. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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