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Do Not Do “The Freddie”



I admit that either possibility is, at minimum, plausible.

They (The ubiquitous “They”) say that Time is a fluid thing and that the very concept of Time Travel is no longer the property of Science Fiction writers. OK, I can accept that, but I just don’t expect it to happen while I’m quietly trying to have a cup of coffee.

Twice in the last month while I was concentrating on getting my plastic straw through the lid on my iced coffee my world was intruded upon by the 1950s and then the 1960s. I’ve been through those decades before so I recognized them immediately.

The first time was about three weeks ago at a little after 2 PM. I was sipping and scribbling away when I looked up and saw across the room a tall young lady with long and very straight blonde hair. She was holding a small mirror checking her makeup. It was perfect. Her hair was perfect. Her tan plastic “Go Go Boots” were perfect as was her entire outfit. She looked exactly like Mary Quant herself had dressed her and dropped her off at the Time Machine.

For those of you born too late…look up Mary Quant on Google.

That young gal seated across the room from me was the perfect icon of London Mod Couture of the 1960s. It almost made me think that I was back in college. I swear that I could hear The Animals singing in the background.

The moment was truly “Gear.”

If that apparition wasn’t enough of an H. G. Wells moment – it happened again this morning.

I was late getting to St. Arbucks. I had to go to my doctor’s office for A BP Check and a Blood Draw and with that it is always a case of “Hurry up and wait.” I got to St. Arbucks at about 8:45 AM. I got my caffeine transfusion and took a seat. That was when the Fabric of Time turned Gray Flannel on me. Seated at a corner table was 1957.

If she hadn’t moved I would have sworn that she was a full page ad from Vanity Fair or Cosmopolitan.

She was coiffed ala Grace Kelly. I hadn’t seen anyone wearing that bright red lipstick since Mamie Eisenhower was calling the shots in the White House Dining Room. She had on a dark blue “Career Girl” suit and looked like she might have known Dorothy Kilgallen personally.

This was my second tiptoe through the time warp in a month. I’m beginning to wonder if it is two young women who just like the “Retro” look or have I got a Sci-Fi novel in me trying to get out?

Either way there is one thing I am most grateful for – that young guys don’t appear before me with the hair and clothing styles from those decades. I have no desire to see another Brian Jones (Pre-Drowning) or some skinny kid with acne and a “Duck’s Ass” hairdo. Somethings are best left in the past where they can be forgotten – just like “Freddie and The Dreamers.”

Uh,oh…I just remembered them! Aaaaiiieeeeee!


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