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Everything Old Is New Again

I KNOW PROGRESS WHEN I SEE IT and a thunderbolt of Progress has struck in Terre Haute (That’s French for “You three guys – into the trunk!”)

As I was sipping my coffee this morning I decided to check the local news site to see what was happening here in the Wabash Valley. My heart skipped a beat

Who cares that the local Macy’s store is closing other than the people who go there to ride the only escalator in town? Who cares that the Indiana state University basketball team is not doing very well…again? Who cares that the new Starbucks “Blonde Espresso” tastes like 10W-40 Pennzoil Motor Oil? Who cares about any of that stuff when the real news is that a brand spanking new Drive-in Theater is going to open up in town this Summer?

Bucking the decades long trend in America we, the sons and daughters of the Greatest Generation, are going to get a chance to relive the dark and steamed up windows of our youth.

Some possibly misguided local entrepreneurs have sunk some real cash into their dream of having their own Drive-in movie theater. I don’t know if it is being backed by some doctors or lawyers looking for a tax dodge or if these visionaries are just some barstool billionaires who had an idea after a dozen or two PBRs (Pabst Blue Ribbons).

If they do pull this off, get all of the permits, and convince some film distributor to supply them with movies, I’ll be surprised, but pleasantly so. I think that having a Drive-in movie theater in town would give the whiny young folks, who are always moaning that there is nothing to do here, something for them to do on those warm Summer nights. I know that it worked for me when I was young and I grew up in a town a lot smaller than Terre Haute (That’s French for “I think we just broke the speaker.”).

A Drive-in movie is just like a regular movie theater – the profit comes from the concession stand and not the box office. Those big tubs of popcorn and 55 gallon cups of soda just cost the theater a few pennies while you and I need to float a loan to purchase them. That is why the SNACK BAR at the Drive-in is the real Fort Knox. No matter what is happening on the big screen there is a constant flow of people heading back to their cars loaded with tons of popcorn, hot dogs, pizza, and other things my doctor won’t let me eat anymore.

I wish them luck with this venture. I really do. It will provide a few jobs, put some money into the local economy, and undoubtedly bring about an increase in the local birth rate. Let’s be honest here – a goodly portion of my generation was conceived in the back rows of drive-in movie theaters. I knew one guy in high school who, if you asked him where he was from, would answer, “A 1946 Chevrolet at the Spotlight 88 Drive-in Movie.”

Now that I think about it, this whole project might turn out to be sponsored by Planned Parenthood.

A new Drive-in Movie in Terre Haute?

Aww – Ain’t love wonderful?

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3 thoughts on “Everything Old Is New Again

  1. Thank you for my Tuesday humor fix, and for some good memories of my own drive-in experiences. Maybe, those three guys in the trunk were trying to sneak into a drive-in movie theater.

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  2. Thanks for visiting the blog.


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