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I’m Planting Seeds

IT IS BARELY 6:30 AM AND PEOPLE ARE ALREADY ARGUING WITH EACH OTHER. I’m not sure what they are arguing about but they sure have their BP numbers going north. At this time of day I cannot imagine what could be so important to warrant turning purple over.

Maybe it’s me. I find that there are very few things worth arguing about at any time of day. Most arguments don’t accomplish anything positive – unless you are a Paramedic or an Undertaker.

I’m sitting across the room from the verbal combatants and I can’t hear them well enough to determine the topic.

For me Arguing can be a recreational activity as long as both sides realize and accept that. In college I did Debating for fun which is really just arguing by Marquis of Queensbury Rules. I can still do it, but there are very few of us left who like that structure.

Today there are a lot of people walking around with a chip on their shoulder just looking for an argument.


They come in all sizes and ages, but they share one common trait – they think that they know everything. That is their downfall whenever they try to mix it up with someone like me.

I don’t try to refute their argument. That would take too much of my time and effort. I just listen to them set forth their premise which, like all arguments, has flaws and weak spots. Then, all I do is plant a seed of doubt. I calmly and softly (Which infuriates them) point out a flaw in their reasoning or fact and then I sit back and wait for them to either explode or crumble. Either way it has enormous entertainment value.

It is the fervent True Believers who argue with their hearts rather than their heads who fall apart the quickest. They make it almost too easy. I introduce doubt and they disassemble. Truthfully, I would be willing to discuss things with them, but they don’t want that. They want to fight. Since I don’t care to accommodate them in that I end it quickly and mercifully. I know – I should be ashamed of myself, but I’m not.

I have little patience with most of these itinerant Pains in the Neck because what they usually profess to believe calls for taking our troubled world and pacifying it by turning it into a slave ship with their Idol du Jour at the helm. No thanks, I’ll pass.

I can spend hours discussing just about anything but I don’t care to waste a second with anyone who is trying to convince me or convert me.

Once I have performed my Johnny Appleseed of Doubt routine on these folks it is most amusing to watch them trying to think past the roadblock in front of them. Some learn. Some don’t. Some think. Some don’t want to. In any  case I’m not interested in being their teacher. I’m only in it for the entertainment value. I’m retired and I have no interest in golf or fishing and Pickle Ball sounds too strenuous.

So, I will let the people across the room argue with each other until they pop a vein. I’m sure they will end up in a Draw with no winner and no loser. And that’s probably all for the best. They look like decent folks. I’d hate to see one of them get upset and throw their muffin crumbs at the other. It’s not worth the mess.

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  1. Well said, John.

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