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Fiction Saturday – Untitled Story – Part One

Fiction Saturday

“I want my husband dead.”noir detective office

“Well, why don’t we just get to the point.”

I don’t mind flying. I even kind of like it. It’s the crashing and burning part that I’m not too keen on. That’s why I almost cringed when I saw the well dressed Redhead come through my office door. I could see she favored her right leg. One look and I could tell that she felt the same way about flying as me – from firsthand experience.

She wore long gloves that matched her tailored suit – a dark green, like shadows in a forest, but I could see burn scars by her elbows. There were reddish scars on the right side of her neck too, but her face sure wasn’t scarred, far from it.

“My name is Ginger Cream and I need your help,” she announced. She didn’t believe in long introductions.

“Please, come in,” I said. “And tell me again what you said you want. I’m not sure I heard it right.”

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