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Last Week In A Strange Land

Giants Sweep

LAST WEEK, while in the aforementioned Adrian, Michigan, I was simultaneously in a foreign and alien world: The presence of a serious LA Dodger fan. Don’t worry – I had my shots before going.

Now, I admit that I wear my Giants cap on most days. I even wear my Giants uniform shirt and/or Giants warm-up jacket on occasion, but those are not items I wear EVERY DAY.

To refresh your memory or to explain just a touch – I was with my wife; the lovely Giants fan Rev. Dawn, at a Minister’s convocation meeting. I was there as Arm Candy.

Our ardent Dodger fan is a minister from Wisconsin (I know – I don’t get the connection there either.) I lived in SF for 25 years so I come by my “Giantosity” naturally. I infected my wife, who never lived in SF, and it has taken hold firmly in her cerebral cortex.

Thank you, God.

I have to admit and acknowledge that our Dodger fan is a splendid chap. We shared the dinner table without incident, although there were good natured barbs tossed back and forth. I do confess that it was hard to not “accidentally” launch a little BBQ pulled pork onto his Dodger home white jersey. After all I am an adult and I do know how to behave myself in public. And besides, I was there with my wife and I followed her lead. However – if she had fired the first salvo… Fort Sumter.

This season the Dodgers have been off to a very good start. The Giants have not. Last week they met for three games in San Francisco. If you will look at the picture attached to this posting you will see what happened.

The Giants beat the Dodgers. They won all three games.

Being the good sports that Dawn and I are in such cases we DID NOT wear our Giants shirts (Well, Dawn did) and blow trumpets and throw confetti. We were very polite to our Dodger fan. We are not the kind of people to kick someone while they are down, usually. We did not point and giggle.

There was one tiny moment I could not resist. Over lunch we shared the table with both our Dodger fan AND a Detroit Tigers fan. At one point the Tigers fan asked what I realize now was a rhetorical question about how the Dodgers and the Tigers are alike. I jumped in to offer an answer:

“Do you mean other than they were both beaten by the Giants?”

The awkward quiet moment didn’t last that long.

Now that we are back home in Terre Haute (That’s French for “I see no Dodger fans here.”) we can prepare the Giants shrine by the TV, pour some cool beverages and fire up the to watch the first game between the Sainted Giants and the Accursed Dodgers, this time from Los Angeles.

The Giants may win or…or nothin’, Bucko.

I do want to reiterate that there is no true animosity between us and our Dodger fan. He is who he is and we love him anyway.

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