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This site is a blog about what has been coasting through my consciousness lately. The things I post will be reflections that I see of the world around me. You may not agree with me or like what I say. In either case – you’ll get over it and I can live with it if it makes you unhappy. Please feel free to leave comments if you wish . All postings are: copyright 2014 – 2021

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Fiction Saturday – Untitled New Story – Part Two

noir detective officeI’m not much of a detective I guess. I rarely detect anything. Most things have to slap me in the face before I notice them. And then to string them together to come to some sort of conclusion – well, that’s pretty much dumb luck or the gopher I’m chasing gets stupid or lazy and drops it all in my lap. Detective? No, I’m more of a hog sniffing around until I walk right into the tree and dig up a truffle of proof. But I’m not stupid. I just let people think I am. It’s easier to get the truth out of them that way. They think I won’t know when they’re lying to me.

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