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This site is a blog about what has been coasting through my consciousness lately. The things I post will be reflections that I see of the world around me. You may not agree with me or like what I say. In either case – you’ll get over it and I can live with it if it makes you unhappy. Please feel free to leave comments if you wish . All postings are: copyright 2014 – 2021

Bad Juju

THERE MUST BE SOME BAD JUJU FLOATING IN THE AIR TODAY. Everybody seems to be complaining about something wherever I go. I’m getting my coffee and the person in front of me in line is moaning about the weather.

“It’s going to be hot all week. I don’t like hot weather. I just don’t like it.”

Well, Lady, it is summertime in the Midwest and it is supposed to be only 88° today and 93° tomorrow. I would call that warm, maybe bordering on hot, but it ain’t Death Valley.

See? Now she’s got me doing it. I’m complaining about her complaining.

Bad juju.

When I crawled out of bed this morning I turned on the TV to catch the local news and weather. There is very little of either most mornings, but it helps to keep me from falling back onto the bed. If I were to do that I might be there indefinitely. Lunchtime would not be out of the question.

On the screen was a short interview with the Manager of the local Minor League Baseball Club – The Terre Haute Rex – (That’s French for “Has anybody seen Rex?). And what was he doing? Complaining about the schedule that has the team on the road for the next week. Well, unless they’ve changed the rules, baseball teams have been going on the road for well over a century. He was almost whining. I thought he might burst into tears and, as we all know, there is no crying in baseball.

Bad juju.

After the baseball story they cut away to the new Weather Bunny. She has been on the job for a few weeks now and seems to be getting the hang of it. She has the correct pronunciations of all the local towns, and I don’t think she has tripped and fallen on camera even once yet.

A Grouse

I thought she might be breaking out of the bad juju Cloud of Grousing – but then she started talking about the “Heat Index,” like I care, and how hot it was going to feel. She started complaining about how the heat and humidity was hard on her hair. The Anchor just looked at her professionally and moved onto something even less interesting. I almost fell back onto the bed, one sock on, one sock still in my hand.

I don’t care if the world wants to roll around in bad juju; I am not going to succumb to the negativity. I am going to smile at everyone no matter how little the deserve it. I will resist the urge to run people through with my rapier wit, and I will not – under any circumstances – try to slap some sense into anyone.

I think the best way for me to avoid falling into the ankle deep morass of bad juju today, will be for me to stay home and spend the day watching kitten videos on the internet. Cute little fuzzballs jumping and meowing will make me smile and drive the negative thoughts from my brain.

Kitten videos and a Braunschweiger sandwich for lunch – yeah, that’s the ticket.

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9 thoughts on “Bad Juju

  1. I think you have a great way to spend day. Good luck.


  2. I’m with ya on this one, John. Humor makes it so much better. Hey, I’ve never seen a grouse.


  3. Good one, John. I like the kittens picture!


  4. Speaking as a PA husband I must admit that the status of the Ruffed Grouse doesn’t make for sparkling conversation.


  5. Anonymous on said:

    Thanks, Johnnie. Me thinks you’ve done your share, though, of slapping sense (not literally) into a few people in your time. 🙂


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