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I’m Alive

I’m Alive.

And I don’t say that lightly. Recently there have been questions.

Today is the second day of June, 2021. On May 23rd – just a little over a week ago I was one sick Geezer.

I had been fighting what I had taken to be the remnants of a cold and the congestion had been coming and going for a week or two. On that Sunday, the 23rd, it was getting worse. I was having more and more difficulty breathing. My wife, the lovely, observant, and concerned for her Geezer, Dawn, could see that I was struggling. She suggested and I agreed that a trip to the ER was in order.

Ten minutes later I was sitting in a wheelchair with a stethoscope moving about on my chest. My lungs were filling with fluid. I felt like I was drowning. The ER doctors began to inject me with something called Lasik and told me to be ready to to start urinating like a Race Horse.

They weren’t kidding.

Within the next two hours I put out more than two liters of sickly looking fluid from my lungs. I could begin to breathe again. The X-Rays said that I was showing signs of Congestive Heart Failure.

Those are three scary words.

I was admitted to the Hospital – Room 3014. I felt like crap, but I was in no apparent immediate danger. Dawn finally was able to go home at about 3 AM on Monday morning.

I continued to crank out more fluid for a couple of days. I also had a lot of blood Vampired out of me. There were tests, tests, and more tests – with no conclusive finger pointing at why I was in that hospital bed. As the week progressed I was poked, prodded and punctured all day and all night. I met more people with letters after their names than I had ever encountered before.

Everyone was kind, helpful and very professional. I felt that I was in very good hands. With the weekend looming it was decided to cut me loose and, since my condition had improved and stabilized, I would now be able to be an outpatient. I was OK with that. I desperately wanted to go home. I was feeling better, Dawn was exhausted, and I had begun to seriously complain about the food.

No matter how advanced that Hospital may be and how brilliant the staff may be it is without a doubt that the place will never become known as a Culinary destination.

Hospital food, while they try to present a wider menu, still sucks. I’m sorry. I have nothing but respect for everyone there, but the person who ruins their version of Macaroni and Cheese should be forced to eat it. As a man with the last name of KRAFT I tend to take it all personally.

I’m home now and making the rounds of my various doctors still trying to discover what caused our late night adventure to the Emergency Room. I’m feeling so much better, but I still need to know what happened and why.

I’ll keep you advised, but right now I’m looking forward to a nice steaming bowl of real Mac and Cheese straight from that little blue cardboard box.

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22 thoughts on “I’m Alive

  1. Dawn on said:

    For the record, I am VERY glad you’re alive. Let’s keep it that way. I admit to being VERY concerned for my Geezer.

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  2. We are all very glad you are feeling better, Mr. Kraft and hope they get to the bottom of it soon. Glad you have someone sweet and kind to look after you. Hugs from Spain.

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  3. I wish you a full and speedy recovery and will pray for your health, John. This was one scary experience!

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  4. Oh, John! I’m so sorry to hear of your news. Glad you are back home. Please keep,us posted. And, enjoy that box of M&C.

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  5. John, so good to read that you’re on the mend. What a horrible experience, especially when you’re not sure of the cause. You have to commend that nursing staff. They must have been changing that catheter bag nonstop. Good luck going forward and let us know. Btw, not Covid related?


  6. Larry F. Sommers on said:

    Take good care of yourself, John.


  7. petespringerauthor on said:

    As a guy who occasionally likes to bet on a horse race, I am familiar with Lasix (also known as furosemide). It is given to horses to prevent respiratory bleeding when running. Many horses perform better the first time they use Lasix. It is not allowed at some race tracks as it can have side effects on horses. I recently read an article from Keeneland Race Track in Kentucky that stated 98% of the horses there use Lasix.


  8. Oh John sorry to hear. Glad you are home. Take care.


  9. I’m glad you survived and back home now! This is so scary and I hope you get the answers you need soon…

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  10. I’m happy you’re on the mend and sorry you had to go through all of that. Lasik works really well, doesn’t it? I take it for my blood pressure and it is a very effective diuretic…

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