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Something Is Brewing


Oh, Man! Am I getting tired of this – or what? It’s not the omnipresent virus and all of the foofuraw surrounding it that I’m talking about here. I’ve already done too much of that. There is nothing new for me to say about it or for you to read about.


What I’m talking about is COFFEE.

You know- that golden nectar that every day brings millions of people back to life? That liquid DNA that transforms us from mere meat with shoes on into a planet filled with creative men and women – some of whom know the difference between coffee and …anything else you might pour down your throat in the morning.

I started drinking coffee when I was in high school. I wanted to look “grown up” and coffee seemed to be my best way to look older and more worldly. Of course I put enough sugar in my grownup looking coffee cup to trigger a Diabetic Episode and three cavities, but I looked “Mature.”

All through college, a long and tortuous journey, I stayed with coffee. By that time I was hooked on the need for the caffeine but the mass amount of sugar faded until it was gone the way of bicycle training wheels and that ridiculously futile crush on Jayne Mansfield.

The sugar was gone which left me with a cup filled with black coffee. I didn’t like black coffee and I still don’t. I don’t hate it. I’ll drink it in a pinch or an emergency. For instance, if some alien species from another world landed here on earth and fell in love with our bovines and cownapped them all back to their home galaxy there would be a crisis in a cup. If that happens I will be forced to drink my coffee black. And don’t even talk to me about “Non-Dairy Coffee Creamers.” Paint belongs on the walls not in my mug.

As time passed my coffee needs did not really change, except perhaps in the quantity consumed, but Coffee Technology was in the fast lane. I went from a metal percolator to the first generation of Mr. Coffee drip brewers, Italian espresso in those tiny cups that were never enough. There was a brief romance with a French Press (It never would have lasted there was just too much pressure.). Then came the explosion known as Starbucks. They were everywhere. Where I lived in the city of San Francisco there were five Starbucks within walking distance for me…and if you know me at all you know that “walking distance” for me is “Drunken stupor crawling on all fours” for most other people.

I liked Starbucks coffee from the beginning. They brew it strong and I like my coffee to be able to fight back if it ever finds itself being poured in a dark alley. I have been a loyal slurper in Starbucks all over the country and even overseas. I have no complaints. But now a pretender to the Throne of the Golden Bean is in my kitchen.


I was first introduced to these devilish little machines a couple of years ago. It was Love at First Sip. Here was something that would let me brew myself a cup of coffee – toss it down my pie hole – and then, almost immediately make another, but a totally different flavor. I could do that all afternoon. And Morning. And Evening.

In deciding to write about this I knew that some people might disagree with me and my thoughts. Well, frankly, I’m not bothered by that. I might offer to share a cup with them and if they don’t see the error of their ways, may they spend the rest of their life drinking Airline coffee. I’m an easy going guy…at least until my tenth cup of the day kicks in.



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8 thoughts on “Something Is Brewing

  1. I love my coffee, too. Lots of sugar as I began drinking it as a young child with Grandma. She was a coffee nut! She’s gone and the sugar gone. I love simple, nothing fancy, good ole black coffee. Enjoy your cup today.

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  2. Anonymous on said:

    You’re not giving yourself full credit where Starbucks is concerned, Customer #1!

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  3. Haha I love your perspective! I personally have always adored all kinds of coffee, but I seem to usually just reach for a simple black coffee and it tastes better to me than anything else:)

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  4. My wife and I love St Bucks dark roast coffees, Verona, Sumatra and Italian. We drink it black and have it made in their Clover machine. Adds an extra kick. If you have tried your coffee in the Clover, then do so. If your SB doesn’t have a Clover, then change SB. As for Keurig , we use it with SB pods. 10 cups? Jeez! My wife drinks the coffee, several cups/day. I don’t drink any lately because it goes through me like a sieve.

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  5. Katrina Middleton on said:

    Love my Keurig. Sumatra is my first choice; Italian my second. Drink it all day, but usually not after 10 pm.

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  6. petespringerauthor on said:

    Keurig is an ingenious invention, and I can hardly wait until somebody invents ten more blends for me to try. The only compensation I’ve made is I try to stop drinking coffee too late in the day, or I’ll be up half the night peeing or wired.

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  7. Coffee is the staff of life!


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