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We’ve Made It This Far



It’s Christmas Eve already? The calendar says so, but I never completely trust those calendars anyway. Those are the crazy things that claim that March 21st is the First Day of Spring and I can usually look out of any window and see a foot of snow.

No, I realize that this is Christmas Eve by looking around this old house in Texas and seeing all of these people (half of them kids) gathered about awash in gifts and wrapping paper. That, not a calendar, tells me that it is Christmas Eve in Texas.

Somebody has stuck a little elf doll high up on a shelf. It is supposed to be a character from a story, but it’s lost on me (as are most things). I never watched many of the kid’s shows on TV and I didn’t read what is now called “Children’s Literature.” As soon as I could read and got my very own library card (At age five) I moved off into the Science Fiction section. The “Children’s Room” was filled with (to my sophisticated five year old mind) DRIVEL.

Back to Christmas Eve.

There is no snow. Thank the Lord. Not one of these South Texas drivers has the foggiest idea of how to drive in the white stuff. If there was snow on the ground down here now the whole world would see everything come to a skidding halt.

About fifteen years ago there was a Christmas Eve snow down here. It was an amazing thing to watch. One of my Brothers-in-law, an employee of the Texas Prison System, was paralyzed at the sight of all three inches of snow.

“How are we going to get home?”

I had to step in.

“What are you talking about? You live two blocks from here. You’re driving your big Texas-Sized pickup truck, and between here and your house it is a completely flat city street.” Trust me, you’ll make it.”

He made it home in one piece and the snow was melted away by noon the next day. Crisis averted.

This year, if we are fortunate, there will be no snow. I’m cool with that. I don’t like snow. Snow doesn’t like me and I take it personally. I would be fine if I never saw another flake of snow in my life.

Does that sound bitter? I hope so. I lived too many years of my life in Snow Country along the shores of the Great Lakes. “Lake Effect Snow” is an innocent sounding term that can bury your butt in snow in a matter of hours.

But…it is Christmas Eve so I’ll try to end this on a positive and cheerful note.

I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow, follower of Christmas or not, May you all be happily with your families and friends.

Fa La La La La!

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5 thoughts on “We’ve Made It This Far

  1. Merry Christmas, John. Living here in Rochester, NY, I commiserate with you about the snow…‘and I agree, too’!😂😂😆 (Emojis give me the power to laugh at my own stuff). And, if you successfully navigate Christmas, then I wish you a Happy New Year, as well!

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