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The Next Noel!


BRACE YOURSELF. WE ARE INTO THE HOME STRETCH: DECEMBER. This is the last month of the year…and the decade. It is also our last chance to go deeply in debt and get sick before 2020.

Such fun!

We have had snow and we will be getting more. It is unavoidable if you stay here in Terre Haute (That’s French for “What happened to my ice scraper?”). I will, therefore, be in a bad mood until late March at the earliest.

The existing plans are to head for Texas again for Christmas. The airports will be filled wall to wall with other disgruntled travelers and their screaming kids.

Such fun!

By this time I’m guessing that you have deduced that I am not a fan of Winter and cold weather.

Well, there’s a surprise for you!

I am trying to pull off a getaway before the obligatory Christmas trip. A week or so in the sun would improve my attitude along with my mobility and tolerance for pain. Vitamin D the natural way is better than those little pills. Right now I am getting around like a hobbled yak on a spiral staircase…in the dark…with a broken leg.

With the so-called “Holiday Season” on top of us like a wet blanket there will be a number of changes everywhere you look. The television offerings will be overrun with special musical programs (Thank God that Andy Williams is dead.) featuring celebrities who cannot sing…singing.

The Hallmark Channel will rule the airwaves with Eight hundred new movies all with the same plot. Seen one – Seen ‘em all. At least they are employing a bunch of actors who can’t get hired anywhere else. While they are filming all of those horrid movies the restaurants in LA are having to deal with a shortage of waiters and waitresses.

All of the Christmas decorations are up and have been since before Halloween. It seems that one holiday just sort of melts into the next. Christmas is starting in October now. At this rate it won’t be long before there will be a pumpkin in the manger and the Baby Jesus will be dressed in Luke Skywalker Swaddling Clothes.

Don’t get me wrong. I think that all of the holidays in the “Holiday Season” are great, but they are all too close together. We need to space them out a bit.

Move Halloween to April 15th – Tax Day. It’s already scary and any candy you manage to score might be it for dinner until your Tax Refund Check arrives. And that would be a perfect landing spot for Thanksgiving don’t you think? It makes some sense and it gives people a bit of a buffer – some extra time to change whatever decorations they might want to display. An Inflatable IRS Tax Auditor, for example, or a Thanksgiving Pilgrim dressed as Yoda from Star Wars hanging out with the Three Wise Men.

I am just making a few suggestions. I don’t expect any of these rather clever ideas to ever see the light of day. Nobody ever took up my proposal to have Good Friday on a Monday.

     David Bowie and Bing Crosby Singing Christmas Songs

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5 thoughts on “The Next Noel!

  1. Andy Williams had the one Christmas variety show that was actually worth seeing.

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  2. I loved the Andy Williams Christmas show, and I do love those Hallmark movies. 18” of snow on the ground and it’s still snowing. I’m with you on all the hype, John. Christmas in Texas sounds wonderful as we prepare to shovel and snow blow.

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