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Why Am I Awake?


NOW THAT WE ARE ALL BACK ON OUR FAMILIAR SOD the next trick is to get reacclimated to the Eastern Standard Time Zone. Five hours is a lot of time to readjust to – at least for this old geezer.

It didn’t take long to get comfortable going the other way. That part of the journey took only a day or two because on the flight over I slept most of the way. I wasn’t the pilot so I felt fine with dropping off to sleep even before the wheels left the ground.

The plane from the U.S. to Ireland left in the evening and landed at about 8:30 AM local time in Dublin. Coming the other way we left Dublin at 10:41 AM and landed in Philly at 1:30 PM. That just screwed up everything. My body and mind are now separated by a gap that will take some time to close.

I’m a guy who still needs his Beauty Sleep (Stop Laughing!), but it is coming in bits and pieces. For the last couple of days I have been napping. What I need is a good six to eight hours of non-stop sleep. A nice little coma would do the trick. I am hoping to get that sleep tonight. Last night I pushed myself to stay up until 10:00 PM and with a few fits and starts I made it all the way to 5:00 AM. That’s not bad on the morning end. I like to get up at about 5:30 – 6:00 AM to write. It’s that 10:00 PM launch time and the waking up every two hours that needs amendment.

To be truthful I don’t know why I’m making such a to-do about all of this. It’s not like I have to get back in synch for my 9 to 5 job. I jumped overboard from that ship eight years ago. I don’t have a regular schedule to my days. At least not beyond getting up, going for coffee, and trying to write this diamond mine of nonsense. My regular scheduled day ends at about 9:00 AM. After that I’m like a gypsy cabbie. I go where and when I’m needed. I guess I still have some residue of being a guy with 47 years worth of day jobs and beaucoup years of working at night in theaters and clubs.

No wonder I’m tired.

At least I’m not alone in all of this. My wife, the lovely and temporarily not a nocturnal creature, Dawn, is going through the same planetary realignment. This morning I was up and dressed by about 5:15 AM and I tried to be quiet in the dark. I tiptoed down the stairs in my big ol’ steel toed boots. When I passed the TV Room I looked in…and there she was – wide awake with the remote in her hand. My efforts to be quiet were pointless. I could have turned on all the lights and had the Ohio State University Marching Band leading the way. She had already been up for an hour, made tea, and had breakfast.

And I thought I was having trouble with jetlag.

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One thought on “Why Am I Awake?

  1. I hope the jet lag is getting better, John. Thank goodness you have your humor about you. 🙂

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