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I Got It! I Got It!…I Ain’t Got It.

I’LL ADMIT IT – I’M EASILY CONFUSED. If it involves mathematics of some sort I am almost assuredly baffled. It doesn’t have to be Inter-Galactic Hypersomnambulistic Digital Train Schedules or anything. Grocery store coupons tie me in a knot. Going from Metric to Whatever it is we use might as well be done in a dark room wearing a blindfold while listening to chalk on a blackboard, naked.

And then there is Daylight Savings Time. Uhhhhh. OK.

It wasn’t until two days ago that I learned that Daylight Savings Time was used anywhere else in the world outside of the U.S. and. I think Canada. I never thought about it and I doubt that I will spend much time in the future thinking about it, but right now –I’m thinking about it.

Why am I thinking about it? Lemme tell ya! Because it is impacting on my life, my plans, and my ability to watch The World Series. Need I say more?

No, not really, but I’m going to.

We are still in Ireland for another week. We will be heading toward home on Sunday, November third. That is also when Daylight Savings is done in the U.S., and I still think, Canada. The snag in my life comes when I have to deal with the fact that Daylight Savings ended in Ireland on October 27th, a week before The States. For the next week my world of Time Zone Differences, Jet Lags, and “What time is it here, there, and why am I hungry?”

Confused Irish Sheep

For our entire trip to Ireland we have been five hours different, later, than the Eastern Time Zone back home… and six hours later than Texas Time. Now, all of a sudden and without sufficient warning, we are four hours later than Terre Haute (That’s French for, “What do you mean, ‘I’m late’?”), five hours for Texas and don’t ask me about Arizona where they don’t follow Daylight Savings anyway.

So, this morning, October 27th, 2019, I turned my wristwatch back one hour. I slept until almost 8:00 AM which yesterday would have been 9:00 AM. Yesterday I would have felt like a bit of a layabout, but this morning – I’m cool with that. 8:00 AM isn’t too bad on vacation.

When I first learned that the Irish were dropping the Daylight Savings Thing a week before the folks back home I thought that maybe it all had something to do with that “Brexit” foofaraw that has had Great Britain tied up in knots for what seems forever. Ireland may be an independent nation, but it is still spot welded to Great Britain because of those six counties in the north. I don’t know and I’ve been told that it would be stupid and rude for me, an American, to bring up what has been a very touchy subject for the two hundred years. So, I’m letting it go. I’m not asking nobody anything about nothing. I’m polite.

I’m using the extra hour that I gained today to write this blog. Next week I’ll get another hour, but I’ll either be strapped inside an airplane or standing in line to be strapped into an airplane. I’m going to be getting an extra hour of boredom.

Oh, Joy.

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One thought on “I Got It! I Got It!…I Ain’t Got It.

  1. I liked Daylight Savings Time so we have some extra daylight before we eat dinner and head to bed. I worry about the dark mornings children wait out in the cold and dark. Just the old idea, “once a teacher, always a teacher.” Accidents and preying on children have more chances to happen. . . Not to be negative but my sleep is regulated by tiredness, not a clock. Sleep tight + pleasant dreams, John and wife.

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