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The Game Moves On


THIS PAST SPRING AND SUMMER have been somewhat of a disappointment – and this Fall isn’t looking much better.

When it comes to the bits and pieces of Life things have actually gone well. It’s the big stuff that’s got me down. By BIG STUFF I mean the things that get me up in the morning and keep me up late at night.

You know – BASEBALL.

Baseball this year has been a tortuous exercise. It has been even more upsetting because I cheer for the San Francisco Giants and I live three time zones away. That means that more than half of the games don’t even begin until 9 PM or later. That can make for some extremely late nights and my aging body gets it’s revenge the next day. I do not recommend grocery shopping after an extra inning game from the West Coast.

My Giants (I call them ‘Mine’ as if I am a stockholder.) have not been a very good team for several years now. From 2010 to 2015 they were superb, winning the World Series three times. Since 2016 it has been a nightmare.

Baseball players age rapidly and it can be painful to watch – almost as painful as the injuries and body damage that the players endure. There are few things sadder than watching an athlete hanging on to the spotlight too long. Nature tells them to let it go and move on with Life, but it is difficult to walk away from The Show. It is even harder to watch at 3 AM when I have to be somewhere at 8 AM.

The youthful faces of 2010 are looking lined and tired in 2019. The flowing locks are showing traces of gray. In Baseball a player is considered “Old” once he hits 30 years of age. In the rest of the universe the 30 year old is just getting started in Life, but in the world of Professional Sports they are known as “Grizzled Veterans.”

As my Giants have aged their successes have flitted away. The owners have had a legion of other players wander in and out of the dugout. Some of them were youngsters and some were aging castoffs from other teams. Young or old most of these players added little or nothing positive. They were just leaky canoes that pass in the night.

This season is skidding to an end with my Giants ending up in the middle of a mediocre pack of other teams with the same problems. The season will finish with the Giants losing more games than they will have won – again.

There are hopes for the future. Some new, young, players have been brought up in September for a “look-see” by the team. In truth, most of them will be pursuing other careers before long. Their dreams of ten million dollar contracts reduced to a minimum wage reality.

It’s Baseball. That is as much a part of the game as a killer Slider or the 400 foot Home Run. The Game moves on renewed every Spring. The names and faces change, but the bases stay the same 90 ft. apart and the umpires still can’t see what is right in front of them.

It Breaks Your Heart

It’s The Game

It’s The Show

It’s Baseball

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5 thoughts on “The Game Moves On

  1. Oh, how well I know this. I’ve been through it with the White Sox and Braves, and it’s never a pretty sight. And it happens so fast: one year their record is 100-62, the next year it’s 62-100. Like you say, it’s baseball. Gotta love it.

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  2. I am a die hard Royals fan. Need I say more.

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  3. I feel your pain, John… I’m a Red Sox fan. Win the World Series then stink up the joint. That’s baseball.

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