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Ch – Ch – Ch – Ch – Changes


BRACE YOURSELF – A CHANGE IS ON THE WAY! It is a temporary change to be sure, but a change nonetheless.

Starting in about a week or two…or three you will notice that the Monday through Friday (Excluding Thursday) postings will be coming from Ireland. We are heading off for another excursion to the Land with Forty Shades of Green.

This will be our fifth trip to Ireland since 2006. We will be there for five weeks returning to the States in early November. By that time I will be completely exhausted, chilled to the bone, and not at all in any kind of “Holiday Mood.”

As we have done in the past we will be renting houses there instead of doing the Bed and Breakfast routine.

Done that – Hated that.

With Bed and Breakfast lodgings you have to be up and ready to move on by 8 or 9 AM like it or not. When we rent a home for a week we have the option, if we so desire, to stay at home and watch TV all day in our underwear. No problem.

During our five weeks we will rent four different houses in different parts of the country from North to South, East to West.

Renting these houses (I will be posting pictures) is also much more economic than those B&Bs. The other night we sat down and figured out our daily costs for lodging. For the five weeks it averaged out to $33 a night/per person. Where could you possibly stay for that? Anywhere? B&Bs? No way. Hotels? In your dreams.

We were in Ireland a couple of years ago for seven weeks and our housing came to about $2400. Do the math (I’ll wait).

The most expensive part of our trips is car rental. It is a big expense, but I don’t think I care to walk everywhere for five weeks. They offered a discount if I would donate a kidney, but I declined.

For three weeks of this upcoming trip we will be joined by two family members who will be flying in from Anchorage, Alaska. That is one honking long flight. We will arrive on a Saturday and they will touch down on the following Tuesday. That will give us a couple of days to prepare everything in the large four bedroom house we will have. When they land we will lead them to their rooms so they can collapse. It makes me tired just thinking about a journey like theirs.

So, for five weeks, this blog will be filled to the brim with what we will see, what we will be doing, and the unique minutiae of our daily life in Ireland.

Ireland is an ancient land with accessible history going back to days predating the Pyramids of Egypt. I say accessible because there are sites that ancient that you can enter and explore.

There are also wonderful and fascinating sites of Modern Irish History from the 1900s that envelop you in the struggle to create the Ireland of Today.

I will try to report about our days so that you can feel that, in a way, you have shared our experience.

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13 thoughts on “Ch – Ch – Ch – Ch – Changes

  1. Larry F. Sommers on said:

    Bon voyage!

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  2. Lora Vaughn on said:

    Sounds fun and exhausting!

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  3. Just for the record: I have never sat around and watched TV in my underwear. My jammies, yes. Just needed to get that out there…

    The lovely and reasonably clad Dawn

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Travel safe. Have a grand time!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Fifty shades of green would be more artistic… anyway, have a good time. I’ve never been to Ireland, which makes me the only Irish person in the United States that never has, or so you would think from talking to all the Annoyingly Irish I know…

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  6. Enjoy your stay in Ireland my friend. I know you will miss Terra Haute (that’s french for “let’s get the flock outa here”) and the usual suspects. I hope they have a St. Arbuck’s close by.

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  7. Wonderful, John. I remember your previous trips. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Ireland. Safe travels!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Thank you. We take off late next week.


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