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I Am Not Spartacus!


I SAW A LOVELY FAMILY PORTRAIT the other day. It was quite a crowd spanning several generations. At the crux of the gathering was the Patriarch of the Family – Kirk Douglas. THE Kirk Douglas, the world famous actor, who starred in countless movies spanning decades.

He is 102 years old now and still ticking. His wife is 100 years old and still tocking. Together they are defying time.

When I first saw that Kirk Douglas had cracked the century mark it made me feel positively young, but then I saw that his oldest son, Michael Douglas is a year older than me. So much for that illusion of youth that I was clinging to.

How does someone manage to live to be 102? Realistically I’m just trying to make it to the weekend. Now I will grant you that Kirk doesn’t look to frisky any more, but at 102 being able to breathe is a positive workout.

No matter how much both he and I would like – Kirk ain’t Spartacus any longer. The only thing remaining from his days as the rebellious Roman Slave is that chin dimple. I don’t have a chin dimple. I don’t think I can count that measles scar left over from my childhood.

“Spartacus” was Kirk’s most famous movie and the most famous scene in the film was when Kirk and then his followers all defied the Roman soldiers by shouting, “I am Spartacus!” to confuse the bad guys.

“I am Spartacus!”

“No, you’re not!”

“Yes, I am!”

Even with his intense acting style, nifty costume, and fake sword in hand I do doubt that Kirk would have become a Mega-Star without having adopted a nice sounding stage name. You see Kirk’s real name is:

Issur Danielovich Demsky

That just doesn’t have the same panache as Kirk Douglas, does it?

“I am Issur Danielovich Demsky!”

“No, you’re not! You’re Kirk Douglas!”

102 years old.

I cannot even imagine living for that long even as I crawl closer to that number every day. I have only 29 more years to go. I think that I should buy myself one of those “Countdown Clocks” that I see advertised in some of the strange catalogs that come in the mail. With my luck the battery will outlast me.

The First Case Of Stolen Identity

With the way I’m feeling this morning I’ll be lucky to make it to lunchtime. It has been raining here in the Wabash River Valley and every joint in my Dollar Store Body is aching. If this continues I will be curled up into a ball by the time I get into Kirk Douglas Territory.

I don’t know if Kirk has Arthritis, but he does live in Southern California which is a much more

temperate climate than Indiana. That has to help keep him a bit more limber. I wouldn’t move to LA on a bet no matter what. San Diego, however, is another thing. Great Climate – fewer nutballs.

Kirk Douglas or Issur Danielovich Demsky – either way I found it both fascinating and moving to see the whole family together posing for that photo. Three generations, a goodly portion of whom had that chin dimple, smiling and honoring their parents and grandparents.

Who needs Spartacus on a day like that?


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2 thoughts on “I Am Not Spartacus!

  1. Amazing! Mind you my mom is 90 and there are 5 generations on our family picture.

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