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Look! Up In The Sky!


Half of the Internet, it seems to me, is filled with photos and video clips of the most extraordinary things: mysterious creatures that look a lot like ET, time traveling people from the future all using cell phones in 1920 and UFOs here, there, and everywhere. I look at these things and I am filled with enough doubt to float Judge Judy. Seeing all of this nonsense makes it really difficult when I – me – myself see something that makes me say to myself, “What in the name of Robert Stack is going on here?”

I am currently down in Texas (AKA The Surface of the Sun) lollygagging about in the 99+ degree heat with humidity somewhere above 700%. Conditions like that can easily induce a Trance-Like State (Other than Nevada) where you might see things that aren’t really there. Such is the situation where I find myself these sunlit and heat distorted days.

Across the street from “The Old Homestead” is the local high school, Home of the Sinton Pirates and their athletic field – “Bonecrusher Arena.” That should convince you that Football is a deadly serious game in Texas.

The high school is where I noticed something that, at first I thought was just unusual, but upon further viewing I decided that it was simply wacky. As I looked at the main building of the school campus I noticed something up on the roof. My first thought was that it was a phone booth, but that’s silly, there are no phone booths anymore. Even if it was a phone booth what would it be doing up on the school’s roof? This needed a closer inspection.

The school is spread out across from the Old Homestead, just the other side of Pirate Boulevard, and being the modern curious-minded man that I am we drove over to get a better gander.

Upon getting onto the school grounds (trespassing) and driving up to the side of the building facing the Bonecrusher Arena I got a much better look. Up there on the roof all by itself and in all its bright blue glory was a “Porta-Potty.”

Question #1: Who puts/wants/needs a Porta-Potty up on the roof of the high school?

Question #2: Who really cares?

After my initial discovery that the object on the school roof was a Porta-Potty and not some vestige of an unauthorized Time Travel visit or a leftover prop from a “Doctor Who” episode, I let loose with a giggle or two.

This object was not just a generic Porta-Potty it was a “Texas Throne.” That makes me think back to when Texas was an Independent Republic. I grant you that it was a Republic and not a Monarchy, but still who wouldn’t want to have their very own Throne, in Texas or otherwise? If I was a real Texan seeing that Porta-Potty up there on the school roof it would have made me mist up a bit.


So it wasn’t any Sci-Fi Channel reject or Time Traveler Camp Necessity up there, but somebody went through the effort to drag it up there. It didn’t just land there.

But then again it is Tornado season and we’re not in Kansas anymore


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  1. That is so funny, John!

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