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That Has Got To Hurt!


Just in case you were wondering:

Muhammad Rashid Naseem holds the World’s Record for Smashing Walnuts With His Head. He set this record in 2014 when, feeling the need for acclaim…and some walnuts to nibble on…he smashed 155 walnuts in one minute with his head. He not only smashed a lot of walnuts he also smashed the old record for walnut head smashing. The previous record was a mere 44 walnuts in one minute.

Muhammad was a driven man.

My guess is that he was also driven to the nearest hospital ER after walnut 155 hit the ground.

The quest to set a “World’s Record” of one sort or another is one of those psychological one-way streets that raps some people into a feverish search for fame. What setting a record gets you isn’t real fame in my opinion, but then again, I haven’t used my head as a jackhammer on a pile of walnuts. There may be a connection.

Every year the folks at Guinness put out a book listing and lauding the holders of some 4000 Records. That’s just in the book. In their files they track roughly 40,000 different “World Records.” That’s a lot of Walnuts.

Muhammed Rashid set his record in 2014. That was five years ago. Either he has not been able to beat his own record or he is stilled trapped in 2014 and wondering how he got all those funny marks on his forehead.

I have never attempted to set a World Record of any kind. No matter how inane or involved any attempt might be it has to take more effort and possible danger than I am willing to deal with. I’m not going to go for any record that might have me getting eaten by something I would ordinarily avoid like the plague. Or The Plague. I see no glory in being awarded the honor of “World Record Holder” posthumously. It’s just not in me and I want to keep it that way.

If you are the holder of a World Record of some sort I would like to know. Let’s call it idle or possibly morbid curiosity or maybe just a way to recognize you so I can avoid you if I should happen to run into you on the street.

I’ve read that the Guinness people will not recognize any Record attempt that has a real risk of killing the “Attemptee” – like going for the record for the “Most Artillery Shells Caught in Someone’s Mouth.” The odds of making that into the book are scant, but smashing 156 walnuts with your head (in one minute) would be a winner.

I’ve never known anyone, living or dead, who held a World Record of any kind. At least I don’t think I have. I have known a lot of strange and obsessive people in my lifetime so one or two Record Holders could have sneaked in under the tent flap.

Now that I stop and think about it…there was this gal I knew who could do the most amazing things with swizzle sticks, twist ties, and her tongue.

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2 thoughts on “That Has Got To Hurt!

  1. I think smashing walnuts on your forehead qualifies as something that could kill the attemptee, at least as far as Guinness is concerned. Guinness also doesn’t have a record for most pints of Guinness Stout drunk in an hour, for much the same reason…

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  2. Haha! Hilarious, John! 😂

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