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Oh, What a Tangled Dark Web We Weave


Oooooh, it sounds so scary, doesn’t it?

To be truthful the first time I heard mention of a “Dark Web” I thought it was talking about that sticky mess I walked into when I went into the garage. Some poor spider saw me and had hopes for a good meal.

All sorts of products that I see on TV are now are touting their powers to protect you and I from the scourge of the Dark Web.

What is it anyway?

I put on my Thinking Cap and…Well, I can’t say that I did any actual research. I struck up a conversation with a young student from Indiana State University who looked both bright and conscious. She said that she was majoring in “Cyber Criminology” and a minor in Cake Decorating or something. I didn’t catch what she said. That was as much effort I was going to put into picking up info on the topic of the Dark Web.

I asked this young student and Cyber-Snoop of the Future the question point blank: What is the Dark Web?

Fifteen minutes later…

She finally paused to take a breath and I seized the opportunity to say something that was hopefully relevant. I can do that sometimes.

She stopped to take her gulp of air and I leapt into the breach…

“So – Let me see if I understand this. In a nutshell (with a quick glance at her) the Dark Web is…Anything that isn’t on Google.”

She stopped looking at me, lifting her eyes to the heavens, as she bit her lower lip. “Yeah, I guess that’s basically it.”

After reloading her lungs she went on to explain that the Dark Web is used by a collection of snarky people to sell illegal things and to snoop on you and me.

“A lot like Congress?” I asked her. She bit her upper lip this time.

“I wouldn’t know about that.”

I let it go because I was not going to open that can of tuna fish and she was going to school on her federal loan. I bit my lower lip.

“Let’s stick to the Dark Web,” I said in a soft and comforting voice. I didn’t want to spook her. After all this was just a friendly inquiry.

She was happy to carry on. She told me that the Dark Web was a collection of anonymous people using Non-Google listed sites to buy and sell “illegal and nasty stuff.” If that is true then my 1975 Fiat is still out there somewhere.

I don’t know how far into her study of “Cyber-Criminology” this young person has progressed. I think not too far. Her statements all sounded like she was regurgitating words from her textbooks. By the time she gets into her Senior year she’ll be paraphrasing everything to the point where she could easily avoid any plagiarism charges. That’s when she will know something on her own.

I’ll have to get back to her then. She’ll be able to give me more definitive answers or completely confuse me. That assumes that she will not be working for the Dark Web selling contraband “As seen on TV” items. I hope she doesn’t go that route. I’d hate to see this nice young lady get on the bad side of Ron Popeil.

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2 thoughts on “Oh, What a Tangled Dark Web We Weave

  1. And I thought the Dark Web was when you looked up porn sites in the middle of the night with the lights off.


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