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Thank You, Calvin Coolidge

THREE HUNDRED MILES OF DRIVING THROUGH A CAR WASH. And I didn’t even get one of those little pine tree air fresheners to hang from my mirror.

Three hundred miles from Terre Haute (That’s French for, “Make sure the windows are closed.”) to Adrian, Michigan (Yo! Adriaaaaan!). The last time we made this trip was four years ago and, if memory serves me well, it did not rain. This time it rained for almost the entire time we were on the road. Combine heavy blowing rain and the spray from the 7,234 semis passing us at 85 mph and you can see why it felt like being trapped inside a car wash.

This trip (four days only) was for a “Convocation” for Ministers of the Congregational Christian Churches in the Midwest. That includes my wife, the lovely and ordained, Dawn, while my function was to serve as Arm Candy for her. I’m good at that. You see, I am her Trophy Husband – she won “Honorable Mention” and got me. Whenever anyone asks me why I’m there and I give them that answer it tends to bring the conversation to a halt – at least to my face. There were simultaneous gatherings on the East Coast and in California to cover the clergy across the map.

While we were in Adrian, Michigan (Yo! Adriaaaan!) I did manage to acquire two other “Things I need to do.”

Our Nephew, David, who lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area was hired by the National Association of the Church to come to this gathering to video several interviews and other footage to create a presentation that will be shown at the National Meeting in Cleveland in late June.

David flew into Detroit (about 50 miles away) and I was asked to go get him and when his job was finished the next day to get him back to the airport into the loving arms of Delta Airlines and his family in Texas. It rained. I was perfectly qualified for this task. I know how to drive and I am alive.

On Tuesday I was invited to join two of the actual ministers as they went to a nearby tavern to participate in a Trivia Contest. I like that kind of minister. These contests are extremely popular in this part of the country. The bar was packed to the walls with teams eager to compete. We were far and away the oldest team in the house. There we were – three Geezers competing madly for a $20 gift card good only at that bar which we would probably never visit again. Go figure.

Being older than all of the other competing teams gave us an advantage when the topics of the questions were History, Politics, or anything that happened before 1970. We were dead in the water when it came to Pop Culture. My knowledge of current performers is less than nil.

There were two games that night. In the first game we came in third thanks to a plethora of questions calling for the names of Rappers who have only one name. Third place out of twenty teams – not bad considering.

The good news is that in the second game we won the Laurels of Victory, skunking all of the other teams. There were enough questions about Sports, 60’s Music, and Politics to put us on the pathway to victory. How could we NOT win when the answer to the Final, Game Clinching, Question was “Calvin Coolidge.” Those young Whippersnappers never even heard of “Silent Cal. We gave the Gift Card to a bunch of very nice college kids at the next table who were good spirited and fun.

Then we drove back to the Conference Center. Along the way it rained several species of dogs and cats.

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One thought on “Thank You, Calvin Coolidge

  1. I once won for my team when the final deciding answer was Beatrix Potter. My boss was on my team and I got a raise next payday.

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