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I Love Watching Radio


HOW LONG HAS “GAME OF THRONES” BEEN RUNNING? I could swear that I watched it while I was still in elementary school. I think that the actors in the current show are the grandchildren of the actors at the beginning.

I wrote about “Game of Thrones” once before – several years ago.  At that time I was talking about how I couldn’t follow the multiple storylines. I was totally confused when characters disappeared only to reappear out of the blue two seasons later with no explanation.

“Honorable Phlegmball, where have you been?”

“Ummm… I was visiting my mother, Queen Effluvia, in the far North, Mr. Nosey Pants.”

Now, with a fresh crop of dragons and zombies, the writers are still doing that and I am still as confused as an NBA Basketball player on Father’s Day.

Only now I am confused in the dark.

Have the Producers blown the entire budget on swords and dragon food? We’ve watched the first few episodes of this season and it was like watching Radio. Everything was so dark that I couldn’t tell who was skewering whom. It was midnight in a coal mine – as dark as a Banker’s Heart – As dim as a roomful of Politicians. Why, oh why, did they even bother? We had the TV on I’m sure. I could hear the chaos, screaming, and clanging of sword on sword. It sounded like dinnertime in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant. It made me feel that I’d had my cataract surgery for nothing.

Stevie Wonder and I saw the same show.

High Noon on “Game of Thrones”

The word on the street is that this is the final season for “Game of Thrones.” I’ll believe that when I don’t see it…or hear it anyway. HBO is making a zombie’s eye socketful of money with this show. They won’t want it to end. True, eight seasons of CGI Dragons don’t come cheap (The dragons have a strong union), but this show is a gold mine. Once this show finally does close up shop there are going to be a lot of actors looking for work. The lines at the Unemployment Office will stretch for miles.

“What do you do, Mr. Thragnorp?”

“I stand in front of a Green Screen and wave a plastic sword at CGI dragons and zombies.”

“I see. We have an opening for a waiter at Bob Evans Restaurant.”

“I’ll take it!”

Los Angeles is going to be overrun with ironclad waiters and telephone solicitors unless a new Sword and Sorcery Saga starts shooting soon. Every vacant seat at Starbucks in Southern California will be filled with out of work actors. Now that I think about it that won’t be much of a change. All of the unemployed comedians in LA may have to share the space with starving zombies. Nothing new in that either. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

“Game of Thrones”, while wildly popular, was pretty much lost on me. Too many characters. Too many dragons. Not enough lighting. I could have watched C-Span and gotten pretty much the same experience.

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