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Who Is That I See?


Every night they sneak in after closing and put new…new…new stuff in place. The Elves from the Great Northwest tippy-toe in and while we are sleeping in our Snuggies they install a collection of items like this large picture of a jungle scene. It is reminiscent of an apartment I had once which also had a variety of wildlife. Personally, it’s not my taste in artwork. I’ve never been a fan of Finger Painting.

On the far wall, opposite the corner, where the Usual Suspect meet most mornings and park their carcasses while sipping and nibbling, is a large round mirror. It is rather startling to look up and see yourself looking like you do at 7 AM looking back at you.

There is some speculation that it is more than just a mirror. One thought is that it is a “portal” – a gateway to another dimension, or at least to Seattle. My thoughts are that, if it is some sort of metaphysical back door it is just as likely to transport us to the set of Game of Thrones…or Seattle.

The regular habitués of the Chapel of St. Arbucks are wondering, “What’s next?” The guesswork is getting rather intense. Will there be a “Water Feature?”- A fountain spewing a small geyser of hot espresso.

Who knows? I don’t.

My guess is that tomorrow morning I will stumble through the door and I will be greeted by a sign saying, “Welcome to Dunkin’ Donuts.”

It is all guesswork.

I knew that this remodeling was going to happen. It has been talked about by the Manager and staff for a couple of years, but they sprang it on us very suddenly, without any advance notice. Even the Manager was taken by surprise. It was kind of like the first snow of winter. You know that it is going to happen, but it is still a shock when you look out of the window and see everything covered in white. The Manager and Staff have had to work through all of this disruption. The work area has had alterations as well and the folks back there have been bumping into each other like they are inside of a pinball machine. It will take a while, but they will work out new traffic patterns – as long as they don’t install any Roundabouts back there.

In the end, after all of their renovations and replacements, I will adjust to it all. I may not like it all, but it is not my yard. It is their yard and I have to play by their rules. Some of the other old goats are seriously upset by this disruption in their daily routine. They were used to the old décor and furniture and they are doing nothing but grousing and threatening to take their business elsewhere. It’s all talk. They won’t go anywhere else. In six months this “new look” will be as comfortable to them as the “old look” ever was.

I have heard that it is corporate policy to remodel every store every ten years. Has it been that long? I guess so. Well, you know the old saying: “Time flies when you’re having coffee.”

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2 thoughts on “Who Is That I See?

  1. Time flys when you’re having coffee. I love it and may use it.

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