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There May Be More To This


The rumor is that tomorrow the nabobs in Seattle will be shipping in a truckload of individual trampolines to help people get out of the congestion during busy times at St. Arbucks.

Either that or they might install those little metal spikes that you see on buildings to keep pigeons from roosting.


I trundled into the Chapel of St. Arbucks this morning and I could tell that the little elves from Washington State had been in overnight and they were busy. Gone was the row of chairs along the front of the store and in their place was a long bench unit. The seat was technically padded, but the padding was more “suggested” than real. Just think of your favorite Hollywood Starlet – looking soft and comfortable, but you know that it’s not real but “enhanced.”

A perfect example of the bench seating is the built-in electrical/USB outlets. They are along the base of the bench every few feet… but they aren’t connected to anything. I had to get up and then squat down to see them – which may the whole idea anyway. Bring the customers to their knees before the deity of Caffeine.

In another example of form over function, your plugs don’t fit into the outlets either the USB or the standard prong plugs. All show – no go.

I’m beginning to wonder how long this bit-by-bit Refurbish, Remodel, Rehash of the Chapel is going to continue. Every morning it is something new. The local McDonald’s just ripped out their Playland and put in those “Do-it-Yourself” kiosks. Is that going to happen here? Self-Service Espresso? That could be dangerous.

I’ve included a snapshot of the Usual Suspects as they have clotted together in the corner. Someone suggested that they look like the Boys huddled in the corner at a 9th grade dance in the school gym. That may be rather harsh, not wrong, just harsh. I think that they look like the waiting room at the “Senior Citizen Fertility Clinic.”

Some adjustments in the seating arrangements will have to be made. Right now it is too crowded and we are close to sitting on each other’s laps. That may be helpful for the Hard of hearing, but a little too intimate at 7 AM. After lunch maybe, but even before I’ve finished my coffee?


I know. I know. I should quit my complaining. Change is a constant in this Universe. Everything is in a constant state of Flux, but there are some things I wish that the Powers That Be would just leave alone because they are working just fine. There is no need for reshuffled seating and traffic patterns. Do we really need those two milking stool sized tables over there?

Flux. Flux and more flux.

Some days I think that they are just fluxing with me.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Things are going to change.

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2 thoughts on “There May Be More To This

  1. Larry F. Sommers on said:

    If there was ever anything that deserved a good fist shaking…

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