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Change Things To Be The Same


The prophesied remodeling of the St. Arbucks Chapel has begun. I pulled the Toyota into my favorite gimp spot and through the window I could see…nothing. Something was drastically wrong. All of the Art was gone from the walls. The furniture I had come to know and tolerate was gone – replaced with what looked like leftovers from a combination nursery school/maximum security prison. The comfortable easy chairs that nurtured the butts of the early morning geezers are gone! In their place are two low slung chairs that look like they came from the waiting room of a Psychiatrist who only treated midgets.

There is a brand new round table sitting in the corner. A lovely table with chairs that don’t fit. I sat down there and the tabletop was about three inches from my chin. I felt like I was sitting there waiting for my bowl of “Spaghetti – Os” before naptime.

I have to assume that there will be more to this “remodeling” than this. It’s either that or my new Keurig gizmo is going to be getting a real workout.

Right now the Starbucks looks like the “Returned Merchandise’ room at IKEA. The tables and chairs are mismatched and there is no more counter seating. It all looks like it was designed by a committee of Trappist monks and nine blind comedians.

When the “Usual Suspects” began to wander in and see the changes it was like seeing a child learn that Santa Claus is really their Uncle Larry in a rented costume. I’ve never seen grown men crumble and cry like a bunch of fainting goats.

The two little itty-bitty stools over by the far wall are going to be used when they start having the Yorkshire Terrier Milking Contests. At least that is what I have heard on the streets.

Ever since I had learned that a “Remodel” was in the cards I have been making suggestions. I have talked with Regional Managers and other “Suits” about this over time. I suggested that they build on a second floor to the Chapel and turn it into a Tiki Bar. I asked them about the possibilities of getting a hot tub and steam room. They liked that idea, but not for the Chapel, but their personal homes. Harrumph!

I think that a “Water Feature” would be a nice addition to a rather heavily caffeinated environment. Calm those jittery nerves and all that. A little fountain or babbling brook wending its way between the tables might bring a smile or two to the customers and apparent residents as well.

So many of us spend a lot of time there that it should be made more “homelike” – like “A” home, not “THE” home. We’ll end up there eventually, but until then…

I’m just hoping that things will be better tomorrow – coffee with the promise of comfortable seating. And a vibrating easy chair or two. And a hot tub. And a water feature. And a Tiki Bar.

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5 thoughts on “Change Things To Be The Same

  1. If it ain’t broke, why fix it! comes to mind.


  2. So funny, John!

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