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A New Tradition


EVERYBODY HAS THEIR TRADITIONS. You have yours. We have ours. A lot of Traditions revolve around Holidays and how they are celebrated.

I think we started a new one this year. A good one – one that I hope we can put into play next year and on into the future.

For more years than I can recall, even back into my childhood, on major Holidays – the ones that warrant their own Hallmark Movies – our families have always gathered for monumental feasts with every relative who is on the loose and not in custody somewhere. We would have food on the table, enough to keep Bangladesh happy, and the day would be spent engorging ourselves.

This year for Easter it was just the three of us – Me, my wife, the lovely and perpetually understanding and understandable, Dawn, and Alex, our son. This year the rest of our gene pool was scattered about the country keeping their distance and not crossing state lines. No one is sure how this happened or whose idea it may have been.

As the Holiday approached we realized that we had no plans for Easter. For years we would go off for a meal at one of those “All you can stuff in your face” buffets that offer 37 different deep fried whatevers…and mashed potatoes. We’ve gone there because (Contrary to popular opinion I do not eat everything in sight) Alex is not a gourmet. His favorite food is whatever is within reach. He must have the digestive metabolism of a Bessemer Furnace because he can eat enough to cause panic in other countries. He should weigh about 400 lbs, but doesn’t. He maintains at about 190 lbs., winter and summer, lunch or dinner. He is amazing.

We have cut swaths through those big buffets year after year, but this year there was a majority vote wanting something different. Alex voted in the minority.

As the Holiday looked closer it became obvious that something had to be done to avert a culinary disaster. Holiday or not we had to eat. I began the search for an alternate feeding trough. We wanted someplace close by. The Buffet From Hell was a fifty mile drive away. We wanted someplace that did not cost $6000 a person to make five trips to the dessert table. And we wanted someplace where we could get to and be back from before the baseball game started on TV.

With just a few days left before Easter I began to make phone calls to find some place for us to dine. A lot of places were going to be closed for the Holiday. The closer we got to Easter the more desperate I was becoming. It was getting to the point where I could see us chowing down on crackers and Cheez-Whiz in the backyard. That would never work. I might enjoy it, but it would not satisfy anyone else.

It was Saturday and I had still not found us someplace to go. The neighborhood BBQ place? – closed. Our favorite Breakfast place? – closed.

I made one last desperate phone call at about 9 PM on Saturday night.


I found a place close by, not too costly, and best of all – OPEN on Easter Sunday!

We now have a new, if a bit unusual, Family Tradition. When asked we can now say that, “”Oh, yes. We always celebrate Easter by dining out at Pizza Hut.

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2 thoughts on “A New Tradition

  1. I think I popped a frozen pizza in the oven. It worked for us! My grandmother would be rolling her eyes in the grave.


  2. Every day is a perfect occasion for pizza.


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