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Throwback Thursday from April 2016 – “A Soft Irish Morning – It Comes With Chips”






Throwback Thursday from April 2016 – “A Soft Irish Morning – It Comes With Chips”

THIS MORNING IS ONE OF THOSE MORNINGS that the Irish call “A Soft Irish Morning.” That means that it is chilly, a bit rainy, along with some fog.

I’m not complaining mind you, but looking out through the window and seeing all that, the word “Soft” is not one that pops immediately into my thought. But you know the old saying, “When in Belturbet do like the Belturbeters do.” It’s only polite.

A “Soft Morning,” – a morning when the sun is up there somewhere and the misty rain and fog2 tends to muffle the sounds of the town getting on about its business.

The Station Master’s House is situated right next to a school. In the morning, this one as well as not so Soft ones, we see and hear the cars dropping off the kids then zooming off. At Recess and Lunch the kids are outside, regardless of the weather, kicking around the “football” and just being kids. But I noticed on this Soft Morning it all seemed a bit muted. Nothing completely shuts down a hundred diesel Nissans, VWs, and Skodas or a hundred neatly uniformed Middle Schoolers.

One other thing I’ve noticed about these Soft Mornings is that it is difficult for me to get fully awake. I seem to be on the edge of nodding off at all times. I think my body is attuned to more sunlight than this morning. My brain peeks through the curtains, sees the drizzle and fog, and issues orders to the rest of me to sit down, have another cup of tea, and be prepared to recline if the order comes down.

Today, once the four of us were awake enough to make decisions beyond, “Inhale…now Exhale. Rinse and repeat,” we agreed to go out for lunch. Breakfast time was so far in the past it would have seemed silly to pretend.

3Our destination was a small café that we had spotted a few doors down the road from the “Centra” grocery store that keeps us provisioned. Lunch was to be at the “Bedrock Café.” I had the same first thought that you are having right now, but it had nothing to do with the Flintstones cartoon show.7 Yabba-dabba-do. I remembered later that this used to be a mining area.

The Bedrock Café is one of those places that every small town used to have along Main Street a few decades ago: seating for about 20 people, with one waitress and one cook. An eclectic menu ranging from an Indian curry dish to “Breakfast Served All Day.” And, of course, if you got there too late (us) not everything might still be around. Dawn and Ellen both wanted to order the


Shepherds Pie – the last one.

Shepherd’s Pie. “Ooh, I’m sorry. I just served the last one a minute ago.” Said our (and everybody else’s) waitress. Instead they both had


Chicken Curry – not the last one.

some local fish with a side salad and chips (Fries to you and me.). Laura ordered a Wrap that looked like it came straight from a California beachfront eatery – and chips. Me? I went with the chicken curry and rice – and chips. I think that everything came with chips. Chocolate cake? “It comes with chips.”

The Bedrock was about half full, even at our late-lunch appearance, and had a steady flow of people getting things to-go. I’d say that the Bedrock Café was going to survive even without Fred and Wilma. We’ll be back.

A “Soft Irish Morning” that melted into a “Soft Irish Afternoon” with prospects for a “Soft Irish Evening.” It’s all so very soft and comfortable I may just go take a nap until dinner.


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One thought on “Throwback Thursday from April 2016 – “A Soft Irish Morning – It Comes With Chips”

  1. Ron West on said:

    Memory refreshing time………..remember that where you and I live it’s soft most days this time of year. Less, the fog. A bit rainy, though, and chilly. Yeh but, it’s different where you and Dawn are . An Irish Soft Day is still pleasant, I would think. Compared to the kind we have here. I would prefer the Irish kind. With all the wonders they have in their Country, it offsets those Soft Days. Doesn’t it?


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