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When The Revolution Comes…

I HAVE ARRIVED AT AN IMPASSE. I’m not sure anymore that I can define between what is Reality and what is a poorly written Situation Comedy. I watch what is going on around me and I keep waiting for things to cut away to a commercial for a “Wait! There’s more!” infomercial. Let me tell you what is going on here in lovely Terre Haute (That’s French for, “Run that past me again.”) and then you decide if I am in a real place or in a hallucination.

No names will be given because…just because, that’s why.

There was a news item on our local TV stations and in the newspaper about a candidate for city council whose campaign has hit a snag. While his name is, and will remain, on the ballot a slight bump in the road has appeared. It seems that no one noticed that he has five felony convictions in his background. According to the court records he had an affinity for dealing with stolen property throughout the 1990s.

There is a law in Indiana that says convicted felons cannot run for public office.

Oops! Now what?

Not to be discouraged the candidate is making an effort to have his convictions expunged from the record so he can continue his run for a seat on the city council. He seems to think that will make everything Peachy Keen. He must also think that nobody saw the coverage on the TV or read about it all in the local Fishwrap-Tribune.

Bulletin: We saw it. Your time is up.

I can’t understand how he thinks that if he could undo his five felony convictions nobody would care. In my mind that would be a bit like Jeffrey Dahmer saying, “Let’s all forget that ugly stuff in my past. I’ve become a Vegan.”

I learned this morning that this felonious dude also has a gun permit.

So much for effective background checks all around. I’m afraid that next we’ll find out this guy actually shot Abraham Lincoln.

We certainly don’t need any old crooks running for office. We’re making new ones all the time.

While this nonsense is affecting the future of our city council the current membership of the council is keeping busy dealing with the important issues of the day. At the most recent council meeting there was serious debate about whether or not the citizens of the Paris on the Wabash should be allowed to keep live chickens on their property. I’ve lived here more than fifteen years and I have yet to see chickens wandering around town. I have seen people walking pigs on a leash down the sidewalk, but no chickens.

The council members also proposed that if I, for some reason, want to have bee hives on my property that I must locate them at least 75 feet from the property line. That would mean that I would need a lot that is 150 feet wide.

Another dream shattered.

The debate became heated and nothing could be settled so the President of The Council showed true leadership by referring the whole mess to a committee…where it will probably die of old age.

Bit of advice: If you decide to come visit me…leave your chickens at home.

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3 thoughts on “When The Revolution Comes…

  1. Every zinger (and there were many) was brilliant, because it was also funny. Well done, John, chickens and all.

    Liked by 1 person

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