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I Can’t Believe That I Can’t Believe.

I AM A BIG FAN OF LAUGHTER. It is much better than crying and Giggling is superior to Growling. Even the occasional Snort is acceptable although having coffee shoot out of my nose is not pleasant.

When I feel the need for a good sustained laugh I go to YouTube and pull up a few episodes of “The Vicar of Dibley.”

“The Vicar of Dibley” was a British comedy series put together in the 1990s by Dawn French (Who plays the Vicar.) – one of the creators of “Absolutely Fabulous” – another insanely funny show.

The “Vicar” was about a small conservative English village where the Church Vicar has died. The chaos ensues when the new Vicar arrives…and it’s a Woman!

One of my favorites among the characters living in Dibley was “Alice Tinker” the Church Verger – a sort of assistant/caretaker. Alice was played by an actress named Emma Chambers.

Alice Tinker was a lovable character who lived in her own special, childlike and confusing, world. To put it nicely I can say that “Her elevator didn’t go all the way to the top.” Alice had a way of looking at the world that translated into nonstop laughter in my heart.

At the end of today’s blog I have put in a link to a video clip of some of Alice’s funniest scenes. My personal favorite is when Alice tries to explain to the Vicar her confusion with the product “I can’t believe it’s not butter.”

It is a true gem.

Alice’s creator, the Actress Emma Chambers, worked a lot in feature films as well as British television. She was in the Julia Roberts film “Notting Hill” among many others. In my feeble opinion, however, her work as “Alice Tinker” was her shining hour. “The Vicar” ran from 1994 until 2007 with a few gaps in there – like a lot of British shows.

Sadly, Emma Chambers passed away suddenly last year. She was only 53 and died from a massive heart attack.

While on “The Vicar” the character of “Alice” grew from the vaguely vague young lass to marrying the painfully shy and also rather vague, son of the richest man in the village. Alice also portrayed Mary in the Village Christmas Pageant and actually gave birth to her son during the show. The manger came in handy as the audience was awestruck at how realistic it all seemed.

I understand that humor is a very subjective thing. What amuses one person can easily horrify someone else. I’m very familiar with that reaction to my attempts at humor. “The Vicar of Dibley” is a fine example of British Humor. It can deliver a subtle and intellectual witticism one second and drop an explosive pratfall on you the next. The show is an ensemble of characters, each wacky in their own way. Almost every episode starts with a meeting of the Church Council that sets the tone for the show. I urge you to treat yourself to a good belly laugh with “The Vicar of Dibley.”

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5 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe That I Can’t Believe.

  1. I remember that wedding… there was a Teletubby or two there, weren’t there?


  2. I haven’t seen this show. Obviously it is hilarious. 🙂


  3. joelegge3 on said:

    I’m from the UK and have fond memories of this show. I can’t believe your blog is how I found out Alice died!

    I saw ‘The Crucible’ in the theatre and one of the Dibley actors was in it. I forget his name but he was the one who would always go “No, no no no, no no…yes.” Part way through the play he flubbed a line, stammering on the word No, and everyone in the little theatre broke up laughing in the middle of a very serious scene.

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