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To Boldly Go Where No Member Of My Family…

THE OTHER DAY I BUMPED INTO A LITTLE FACTOID. It was about you, me, and everyone else on Earth. Unless you know something I don’t know all of us are natives of this planet. According to that factoid you and I live here on Earth which is one planet in our Solar System, which is part of our Galaxy – The Milky Way – and that our Galaxy is off by itself in the emptiest and most remote part of the visible Universe.

To the rest of the Universe we are off in the desert.

How did that happen? Do we have B.O.?

I believe that there is an abundance of intelligent life in the Universe. I’m just not sure any of it landed here. It has occurred to me that, perhaps, you and I having our home way out here in the “Sticks” is no accident. Maybe, eons ago, the rest of the Universe saw us and how we were (Or were not) progressing and decided that we humans should be relocated out of the high traffic area to someplace where we wouldn’t be so much of a nuisance. I can see that happening.

Back in the 1950s my family did something similar with “Crazy Cousin Joe.” He was always getting into trouble and having a negative impact on the Family’s attempts to improve our reputation in Ohio. Everyone chipped in a few bucks and bought a small house and gave it Crazy Cousin Joe. The catch was – the house was in California and way out on the edge of the desert east of LA. Crazy Cousin Joe was happy with this and so was the Family in Ohio. The prairie dogs out in the desert complained a bit, but who listens to prairie dogs?


Maybe the Intelligent Lives in the Universe look at you and me and think – “Crazy Cousin Joe” – and we are now out here on Earth with all the prairie dogs.

The Family’s scheme to get rid of “Crazy Cousin Joe” eventually backfired. As the megalopolis of Los Angeles grew that small house in California became a desirable piece of property and Joe ended up selling his little dump for a Gazillion dollars. He took that money and moved back to Ohio to rub the Family’s nose in it all. “Crazy Cousin Joe” was happy and so were the prairie dogs.

Here we are today, you and I, still sitting out here with the prairie dogs on the edge of nowhere, isolated from the rest of the Universe. It is going to be a while before Intergalactic Civilization moves into the neighborhood close enough to make us a good offer. We are still out here on the wrong side of the tracks. I think that whenever a UFO passes close to us it locks the doors and doesn’t stop for lunch until they get to the Cracker Barrel in Alpha Centauri some 4.37 light years away from us.

Perhaps in a billion years or so conditions will be such that we can sell our little shack and move back to the Big City – some place like an Intergalactic version of Las Vegas. A billion years and I’ll bet that    Celine Dion will still be performing at Caesar’s Palace.

                            Celine in 4.37 Light Years

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4 thoughts on “To Boldly Go Where No Member Of My Family…

  1. There’s a Cracker Barrel in Alpha Centauri? And here I thought I had been to all of them…

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