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Is It Him? No.


This morning (a few days before Valentine’s Day) I was stumbling into St. Arbucks for a transfusion with a little Half-n-Half when I saw a poster advertising a weekend concert. Whoever put it up was careless and posted it sideways on the bulletin board. The concert featured a singer doing a Frank Sinatra Tribute Show.

That singer is a performer whose Show Business career is firmly rooted in “The Law of Diminishing Returns.”

This is now the year 2019. Frank Sinatra died in 1998 – just about the same time as this singer’s career outlook. The reason you don’t see that many Frank Sinatra Impersonators is the same reason you don’t see that many Rudy Vallee Impersonators. Your fan base is rapidly dying.

Impersonators, your audience is either Dead or on Life Support. Being an Impersonator is a tricky business – Show Bizwise. You have to pick your shots. Yes, there are a ton of Elvis Impersonators, but (let’s be honest) that is the manifestation of a mental illness. Heck…here in Indiana we have a State Legislator who is an Elvis Impersonator on weekends. I rest my case when it comes to the multitude of “Elvii.”

Rudy Vallee

This fellow who is doing the Frank Sinatra tribute is probably a habitué of every Karaoke Bar this side of Nagasaki. Where else could you rehearse and develop your songlist?

I don’t have any plans to attend this “One Night Only!” Show, but I’ll bet that it will not have any live musicians involved. It will be a glorified Karaoke Night at the Dew Drop Inn.

I don’t imagine that my wife, the lovely and musically adept, Dawn, and I will be there for a multitude of reasons – Complete lack of Interest being a big one. Cost is another reason.

Remember – this performer is NOT Frank Sinatra. When I saw the ticket prices I began to suspect that he might be thinking that he really IS the late Mr. Sinatra.

If you really want to be there, basking in the Aura of Pseudo-Frank you can plunk your cheeks down in the “Sinatra VIP Section for only $600 a table or $75 per person. If that is a bit pricey for you – try the “Rat Pack Section” for $400 a tableload or $50 a seat. If even that would be eating up the rent money – go for the “Back of the Pack Section” at $300 a table or a mere $37.50 for a seat on a three-legged milking stool. At those prices I want a dinner and a bottle of Champagne and I want it in Las Vegas.

A stranger who saw me looking at the poster asked me if the singer really looked like Frank Sinatra. I told him that I hoped not – after all – Frank Sinatra has been dead for more than twenty years.

I wish I had heard about this concert a few weeks earlier. I would have been able to alert you all, just in case you wanted to book a flight to Terre Haute (That’s French for, “Do Be Do Be Do”).

Ring – a – Ding Ding.

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