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Aaron’s Lego-cy


TODAY I AM GOING TO ASK YOU TO DO SOMETHING – to act in the real world in the memory of a young man named Aaron.

Aaron was born with congenital heart disease and spent much of his life in the hospital. He had a heart transplant when he was fifteen. That gave him a few good years, but when he was nineteen his body suddenly rejected his new heart and he passed away.

 I used to work with Aaron’s mom and we remain friends. She told us that, with all of his time in the hospital, his one complaint was boredom. For small children the hospitals keep them occupied with coloring books and jigsaw puzzles, but for the older kids like Aaron there was nothing to do. Aaron came up with a solution.

Aaron began to ask his friends and family to bring him Lego blocks to keep him from going bonkers. Aaron and other teenagers who were hospitalized found the Lego’s helped to pass the time.

After Aaron’s passing his parents began “Aaron’s Lego-cy” to continue helping other kids facing similar circumstances.

The idea of “Aaron’s Lego-cy” has started to catch on with people around the country. There are now folks in California who are collecting and delivering Lego sets to Children’s Hospitals and Community Hospital Children’s Wards. We would like to see “Aaron’s Lego-cy” spread from coast to coast/

So, that is what I’m asking of you today. Go to your local Wal-Mart or other store and pick up some Lego’s. There are many of them available that can be had for five bucks. Have your friends get involved and then deliver them to your nearby hospitals.

This is a good thing to do and will be much appreciated. It will probably earn you a few extra golden points with the Boss upstairs.

Thank you for reading this.

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One thought on “Aaron’s Lego-cy

  1. And if you do buy and deliver a few legos, be sure to let John know so he can share this info with Aaron’s mom.

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