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Ooh, That Feels So Good!


THE FIRST OF MARCH. NO MORE FEBRUARY and I am glad about that. March is the month when spring officially starts. It is when Baseball Season begins. All of that nicely wrapped up inside the fact that it is the end of Winter. YAYYYYYYYY!

There is that zoological adage about March, “In like a lion, Out like a lamb.” I think of it more like, “In like an Ice Tray, Out like a Wet Mop.” I agree that the “Lion and Lamb” thing is more poetic, but mine is more realistic and I never claimed to be a poet. I am just a semi-literate Geezer with bad knees.

About the only questionable thing about this time of year (As far as I’m concerned.) is the dichotomy that pops up when I try to decide what to wear. Is the weather out there more “Ice Tray” or more “Wet Mop?” There can be fifty degrees difference from day to day this time of year. If it is still “Ice Tray” time I’ll be in a Sweatshirt. If the temperatures are more in the “Wet Mop” range I will break out the Hawaiian Shirts and say, “Aloha Springtime!” Using Meteorological Data to help make my wardrobe decisions simplifies my life and if there is one thing people say when they think about me it is, “Simple.”

I look upon this seasonal change with Happiness and a sigh of relief. When the change is going from Autumn to Winter my response is more Despair and growl of tension. I don’t handle Winter nearly as well as I do Summer. I was born in the Summer and the collection of mismatched bones that passes as my body feels better and works better in the warmth of Summer. Stick me in the middle of the snow, ice and bitter cold of Winter and I degenerate into little more than a stuffed animal. Such is Life.

This month we will be taking another trip to Texas for a visit with Family. It will be even warmer there and I’m already packing my choicest Hawaiian Shirts.

St. Patrick’s Day is the big holiday in March and I think it will be the perfect day to begin serious planning for a trip back to the Old Sod of Ireland. Baseball Season begins this month as well. The San Francisco Giants Season Opener is scheduled for March 28th. Do you see the pattern here?

 Good Things happen as soon as the weather improves.

I’m trying to Think Positively here.

It must be Science! Or It must be Divine Intervention!

The same thing as far as I’m concerned.

As proof that March is going to be a superb month I saw tangible evidence this morning as I was heading out for coffee: For the first time in months the area outside of the back door where we park the Toyota was COMPLETELY FREE OF ICE! I was beginning to suspect that someone had sneaked in and installed refrigeration coils under the driveway while we were out of town. But today…all of that ice was gone!

It must be a Sign! And that sign says, “Open for Business!

Bring it on! Those days of below freezing temperatures are over and done with. From now on things will improve and I will thaw out. I haven’t been warm since Thanksgiving.

Let the games begin!


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