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It Looks Like A Cow Chip To Me.

FOR THE LAST WEEK OR THREE I have been seeing stories about this Scientist from Harvard named Abraham Loeb who believes that an object that recently entered our solar system might, and he is heavy on the MIGHT, have been an Alien Space Craft (no relation).

To be honest… there was an object that came in from Interstellar Space. It was headed our way. Beyond that… I got nothin’.

After an exhaustive five minutes of research (Which is more than I do for almost everything else here.) I have learned a few tidbits of information – most of it confusing. I was a Liberal Arts Graduate. Having a B.A. in Theater doesn’t prepare you for dealing with Interstellar Space, unless you plan on playing a Klingon on Star Trek.

Here is some of what I have uncovered.

Artist’s Rendition of Oumuamua

Most other Scientists were aware of this object and think that it was an Asteroid…or something else. It is hard to pin these Science guys down.

I have found only one other Scientist who goes along with the Alien Space Craft idea. That guy is also from Harvard and. I suspect, relies on Scientist Loeb because he is the driver in their carpool. That is just speculation, but it is a long walk from West Peabody to Cambridge.

“THE OBJECT” has been given a name. It is officially known in the Scientific Community as “Oumuamua.” That is not a typo. That is the name of whatever it is. It is also the sound I made last Thanksgiving when I asked Dawn to pass the butter while I had a mouthful of green peas.

“Oumuamua” is, I have learned, a Hawaiian word – a phrase really. It translates into English as, “A Messenger from afar, arriving first.” A shorter version is “Company’s coming!” Actually, I read three different reports on Oumuamua and each one gave a different translation. They all had the “it came from a long way off” sense about them. I completely disregarded the one translation that said, “If found, please deposit in any mail box. Return postage guaranteed.”

Why it has been given a Hawaiian name is unknown. It was certainly coming to visit us from farther out than Waikiki.

Was that thing a high tech Alien Space Craft that just zipped through our solar system and then took a left turn as clean as any NASCAR racer, hitting the gas accelerating as it headed off to its next destination? Or was it just a rock? I don’t know and I suspect that if you got Scientist Loeb alone and away from any cameras, he might have to grudgingly admit that it might have been little more than a clump of Interstellar Cat Litter.

I don’t know. He’s the Professional Scientist from Harvard while I am just the goofy guy

from Terre Haute (That’s French for, “What am I going to do with this tray full of sandwiches?”) who doesn’t know his Asteroid from a hole in the ground.

The next time one of these mysterious Hawaiian objects shows up I think it would behoove the Scientific Community to play it cool and stay away from the Mai-Tais until after lunch.

I promise to do the same.

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