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At Least You’re Getting Paid


Today is that day when we really start the New Year. It is time to put away the Aspirin bottle and the Ice Pack. Get dressed in something other than your Snuggie and Hospital Footies. It’s time to get back to work – like it or not.

For me today is just a Wednesday. The only thing that could be considered “work” for me today is that I will have to take the trash down to the curb tonight. Whew! I’m exhausted just thinking about that. For just two people we sure do generate a lot of trash.

To be truthful I would say that about 90% of our trash bin is filled with junk mail and magazines. Only so much can be crammed into the “Recycle” bin after all of the empty Dr. Pepper cans and Amazon boxes.

The trash bin gets filled to the top every week and the Recycle bin every two weeks. If a stranger looked into our two bins I’m sure that they would think that an array of Southern Teenagers with credit cards lived there. The new neighbors have two kids and they don’t generate as much trash as we do.

They’re just not trying.

As far as I’m concerned it’s all trash. I really think that when nobody is looking the guys driving those trucks dump all of that stuff into the same landfill somewhere. But, then again, I’m the suspicious sort. I only believe half of what I see and none of what I say.

Early this morning as I was idly sipping my morning coffee I watched any number of people pass through St. Arbucks on their way to work. I’ve never seen a sadder looking bunch of people in my life.

Some people have a hard time recovering from the Holidays.

A goodly number of those people looked like they were starting off on a recreation of the Bataan Death March. Sheesh! Some people.

I’ve had jobs that I hated too. I think that is par for the course. If those jobs weren’t that onerous they wouldn’t have to pay people to do them. It’s a shame in any case. Unless you are born into money or you are an expert counterfeiter you have to work at some sort of job. Unless, that is, you are content being a perpetual infant relying on other people for everything to keep you alive. Not acceptable for any thinking person.

So, we all have to make the best of it all.

If I could keep it together for 47 years without climbing up into the clock tower with a deer rifle then anyone should be able to get through it.

So much for my Thunderbolts of Wisdom.

It is January the 2nd and a new year is unfolding before us. With every day we are getting more sunshine. There is a long time before we have to start again with Christmas Shopping. That alone should put a smile on your face.

OK, that is the extent of my cogent thoughts for today. I will now descend into Senior Citizen Geezer Mode…at least until lunch when I will start to fill up our trash bin again.

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5 thoughts on “At Least You’re Getting Paid

  1. I’ve always liked work except for an overly hands-on sales mgr who thought it was better to have weekly Monday morning teleconference mtgs instead of having his team on the road. Still enjoy being at my school crossing post before the crack of know dawn waiting for my ‘first client’ to cross. Happy New Year, John!

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  2. I love your thunderbolts of wisdom, John.


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