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The Games People Play


THINGS ARE GETTING COMPLICATED. Most mornings I go and get my coffee at St. Arbucks. I need that coffee to sustain life, but I am not up to playing all of the games that are wiggled in front of me.

Win! Win! Win!

St. Arbucks’ web site has all sorts of online games, based on purchases and/or “collecting game pieces” that promise to winners that they will get “Starbucks For Life!” If you purchase six million special coffees and a cookie you might be a winner! I just can’t keep up.

Points! Points! Points!

With every cuppa I buy from those folks in Seattle I get “Points.” When I accumulate enough points I become entitled to get something for free. I like that part. They balked when I asked them for a free new car. They handed me a bacon sandwich instead. It was good, but the car would have been nicer.

I know that a lot of people order their coffees and, I assume, their bacon sandwiches online. That way, according to the app, they don’t have to stand in line with the rest of us Peons. That’s the theory. I’ve never used that online ordering gizmo. Why? Because that online thing has become sooooo popular that when those folks show up at the Chapel there are already 37 other people waiting for their already ordered drinks and goodies. Oops! They don’t get any extra points because of the delay and by the time their order shows up for them the bacon sandwich is cold and the icy drinks are warm.

I know that happens because I get my coffee in less than two minutes and have the opportunity to calmly sit by and watch the floor show. I try not to gloat.

                     Mr. Tsosumi

If the fine highly caffeinated Starbuckians in Seattle want to award me “Starbucks For Life” I’m not going to snub their generosity, but let’s be honest – the way I’m going I will probably be going into a nearby St. Arbucks every day until I shuffle off  my mortal coil. I’ll just be missing out on that “Free” part. Now, if I can just figure out a foolproof way of arranging for all of my purchases to be deductable come Income Tax time. I should be able to list all of the Baristas as dependants. If it wasn’t for me they might be on the dole. It’s just an idea I have been tossing about in consultation with my lawyer, Mr. Tsosumi.

Let the game players prosper and let the online orderers live in a world where things move smoothly. As for me…

In the meantime, in between time, ain’t we got coffee?

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  1. Mr. Tsosumi… HAHAHAHAHA!

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