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Please, Don’t Let It Be The Squirrels


WELL, I KNEW IT HAD TO HAPPEN EVENTUALLY, but I was just hoping it wouldn’t make an appearance for a few more years.

The Toyota is starting to have “Issues.”

I guess you could call it “Mechanical Problems,” but the car is running and moving OK – I just better not try to go anywhere if it is raining or snowing heavily.

The wipers stopped working in Mid-Drizzle yesterday.

The source of the trouble may be as simple as a blown fuse or the squirrels may have chewed through something. Most likely it is the little motor that makes the wipers go clickety-clack back and forth.

I have had this problem before in other cars and, truthfully, the squirrels can be an issue. They are vicious little creatures. Just like cats they like to climb up into the engine compartment to rest on the arm motor. Cats will just sleep there, but squirrels bring along friends and snacks. I’ve opened the hood of this car and found tons of acorn shells everywhere.

If you have ever have a cat asleep under the hood of your car when you turn the ignition key it will be something you will never forget. Imagine a trio of Banshees wailing in the night that have just slammed a car door on their thumbs – times two. I had a cat do that one time – its only time I would bet. I popped the hood. The cat was gone, but it had left behind significant amounts of fur.

Fur and acorn shells – non-standard accessories.

I wanted to take the car into the Toyota Dealer today, but I was told I would have to leave the car until late this afternoon. That is a no-no today. We have some mid-afternoon appointments – so tomorrow morning it is. At least the Toyota Dealer has hot coffee available in the customer waiting area – Life Support at its most basic. If the Dealer was a little closer to home I’d stop by more often just for a warm-up.

The weather forecast is in my favor for the next few days – no rain, no snow. I’m sure that I’ll be able to get to the Toyota Dealer’s shop on the other side of town without having to have Dawn hang out of the car window with a squeegee and some paper towels. She hates that and, to be truthful, it’s hard for her to reach all the way across to the Driver’s side of the windshield. Ergo – the results are not all that effective.

I think that the car is still under warranty – at least I hope so. I have a personal dislike for paying for stuff like this. The wipers should work – always and forever. They have just one job – go back and forth. That’s it. I’m not asking the wipers to direct the car to my destination – that’s my job. I don’t even trust the GPS gizmo. I’m not asking the wipers to file our taxes or even shine my shoes. Just clean the windshield. Do it whenever I tell it to – forever. Considering the cost of cars today I do not think that I am asking too much.

But if I am…so be it. I’ll buy a squeegee with a longer handle.

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