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Toe The Line

I AM SO GLAD THAT I AM MARRIED. I don’t think I would fare well in the Dating Game today. I find it a bit scary. No…I find it a lot scary.

This morning I was in line trying to get my opening blast of coffee at the Chapel of St. Arbucks. If I had been a little quicker I would have been at the head of the line but my old and out of warranty legs didn’t carry me fast enough and I was stuck behind a young woman who was ordering something for everyone in the Western Hemisphere. I wish I’d brought a snack. Because the young lady was ordering everything on the menu I had a lot of time to coyly observe.

The woman in front of me was about an inch or two taller than me. She had long blonde hair that framed a very nice friendly face. She was dressed casually, but neat. She had her look together.

That was about it – until she dropped her credit card. When she stooped over to pick it up off the floor a whole new world opened up in front of me.

When she bent over the bottom of her sweater lifted up. I half expected to see a tattoo of some sort, but “No”, what I saw instead made me glad to be a Geezer. The nice looking young lady with the friendly face had a rather large and conveniently placed knife sheathed on her belt. If some guy gets out of line with her he may find himself singing alto in the Vienna Boy’s Choir

I have no evidence to support my theory, but I’m wagering that this gal has had to deal with unsolicited attention from guys who are slow to get the meaning of the word “NO.” There are men who won’t stop until they find themselves facing reconstructive surgery. If some fool would get out of line I feel sure that this young gal could easily persuade him to move out of reach and possibly out of state.

Don’t take me wrong – I’m not faulting this young woman for carrying that knife. It is strictly a defensive, up close and personal, weapon. It is there if she needs it and I’m sure that she knows how to use it to maximum effect.

I wrote a novel a few years ago where I had a female character who carried an ice pick. She called it her “Attitude Adjuster” and was not afraid to use it.

It is an unfortunate and all too frequent human behavioral flaw that makes it necessary for women to be ready to defend themselves from idiots who feel that they have the right to impose themselves on others.

This young lady standing in line ahead of me looked like she could handle herself in any situation. She didn’t look hard or cynical, but she didn’t look fearful either. She looked confident – and that’s the way it should be.

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4 thoughts on “Toe The Line

  1. WOW, Krafty, you were lucky! Good thing you kept your hands in your pockets!
    🙂 🙂 You would have had TWO women to deal with, and I’d bet the second one can take care of herself, too!

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  2. Glen White on said:

    “How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
    That has such people in ’t!”

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  3. Wow! That must have been a shocker. Yes, I’ll take married too.

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