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We Are Not Amused


WE GOT OUR FIRST TOUCH OF WINTER TODAY. About ¾” of a slushy snow and ice fell overnight – and today our schools are closed. Today is a “Snow Day.”

Gimme a flippin’ break.

A “Snow Day?” It’s more like a “SnowFLAKE Day.”

The local Terre Haute (That’s French for, “Class Dismissed.”) School Board has a new person leading the charge and he is not under indictment unlike his immediate predecessor. This Newbie is from out of town and seems to be somewhat Snow-a-phobic.

I think that this guy’s previous gig was with a school district up near Chicago. In that area of the Midwest a “Light dusting of snow” can be 18 – 24 inches deep.  So, I can understand why he panicked when the local Weather Bunny predicted “Maybe 1 to 2 inches of snow.” In his experience he translated that into “Bring the Huskies inside and I’ll go buy milk and toilet paper.”

I guess it is all a matter of one’s experience.

Not to brag, or even, God forbid, be creative, but (As we codgers say), “When I was a kid we never had Snow Days.” I always walked to school. It was more than a mile and uphill both ways. OK, that last part is not completely true. I did walk to school every day, but it was uphill only once a day. I just don’t remember which direction. It had something to do with the curvature of the Earth. One thing for sure though was that we never had classes cancelled because of the weather. And, NO, I did not grow up in Florida. I might have preferred that, but the hills of Western PA were my incubator.

So, yesterday was a “Snow Day” in Terre Haute (That’s French for “Somebody stole the school bus!”) and cancelling classes like that has repercussions far beyond the Tater Tots warming in the school cafeteria.

When the word gets out that a “Snow day” has been called there are Working Parents all over town going into paroxysms of panic. All of a sudden they rediscover that they have kids to take care of, feed, and arrange bail for when that had not been in their Day Planner.

“Cancel all of my appointments! School is cancelled!”

“Somebody else is going to have to make tacos! School is cancelled!”

“Tell my Meth Dealer I’ll be late! School is cancelled!”

When the School Board 86s classes because of a snowflake or two all of those kids who should be at their desks – are at home. The older kids aren’t going to be satisfied with daytime TV and frozen corndogs for lunch. They are going to head out the door looking for something or someone to annoy.

In the name of Public Safety – if you are going to cancel classes wait until the snow gets six feet deep. It is just an idea. Perhaps it needs more thought, but it is a place to start.

Barring that, I am going to suggest that on our next “Snow Day” all of those anxious parents drop off their kids at the school district offices and let them deal with it. That might eliminate the entire problem in a hurry.

Thank you – no applause please. I’m only trying to help.


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One thought on “We Are Not Amused

  1. Hmmm……wasn’t aware the new Guy called a Snow Day during that “less than one inch” fiasco. I need to get out more that’s for sure, but who would have guessed?! Thinking back to last year and many years prior, we’re so used to having to get up at 4:00am to watch that local “Weather Bunny” tell us what the former Superintendent found out by driving the country roads first before calling it a day not to have kids come to school. Me thinks those excursions of his were for the benefit of the ones riding buses, and not really caring whether the city kids had snow problems or not. Hmmm…….just an old-dogs’ thoughts for the day.

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