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Pack Your Bags


MY WIFE THINKS BIG. Big Ideas. Big Hubby (I’m working on that.). Big Vacations. She is now in the thick of planning a real, long overdue vacation for us. She is planning for something bigger than a weekend in the Walmart parking lot.

A few weeks ago she floated the idea of going to either Albuquerque/Santa Fe – or – New Orleans. She asked me which of those I would prefer.

“Hmmm. Let’s see. A week in the desert driving around looking for the Drug Lord’s house and car wash from ‘Breaking Bad’ OR a week filled with good food, good music, and lots of History. That’s a toughie.”

Last night she upped the ante – big time.

“How about this for a vacation – 22 days with your own private jet. Starting and ending in London we would jet off to cultural and historical treasures around the world. Rome! Athens! Cairo! The Taj Mahal! The Great Wall!…”

 The list went on.

“How much would this little jaunt cost us? Should I skip lunch for a few days?”

She had not yet picked up on that detail. My guess is that it would cost more than a week in Albuquerque.

Given the Gypsy in my soul I would be happy with any of these vacation trips. I’m easy. I get excited going to the Kroger store so a 22 day world tour would be OK by me.

I think my Wanderlust might have infected my wife, the lovely and luggage oriented, Dawn, and when it comes to World Travel she leaves me in the dust. She has been to a number of European countries. I have been to Youngstown, Ohio. And Ireland.

A wonderful part of any vacation is the planning, the dreaming. Thinking about visiting those places you have always fantasized about. Who hasn’t dreamed about Springtime in Paris or Seeing the Great Pyramids of Gaza? Getting on a plane or a ship and going to the far side of the horizon to see the people and places you have only read about or seen in the movies?

It has been a long time since the two of us have gone off together on a real vacation. I’d be ready to go tomorrow, but we are not putting ourselves up against any kind of deadline. We will go when we are ready to go and to a place, be it far or near, that holds a fascination for us both.

In our past we have traveled well together. We don’t drive each other crazy. There is nothing worse than traveling with someone who never wants to do what you want but insists that you go with them to see the Podiatric Orthotic Museum. I went to New York City with some friends and one other person like that once. I repeat – ONCE. We went to see a play. She was not enjoying it so she left part way through the show and waited in the lobby for us. And she wanted to eat most meals at the Howard Johnson’s on Times Square. She loved fried clams. To be honest I really do not even remember her name. The brain protects itself.

Dawn and I are thinking that next spring might be a good time to shove off on this vacation. We deserve it.

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6 thoughts on “Pack Your Bags

  1. Sounds exciting! Go for it.

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  2. Thanks for the reminder that I need to renew my passport!

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  3. A vacation will be great. You are deserving. Youngstown, Ohio? My daughter-in-law is from there. Wasn’t that the mafia capital of the Nation? Ha. Safe travels. Connie from Ohio.

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  4. the Taj is the world’s most crowded tomb. lay a wreath at your local veteran’s memorial and call it a day.

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  5. Sounds exciting, John.


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