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I Will Survive



I AM A CLOSET RED SOX FAN. Not really, but because they are going up against the Hated Dodgers in the World Series …It’s baked beans and cod fish for everybody!

This year was not a good year for my beloved San Francisco Giants. In fact it was an “Annus Horribilis” as Queen Elizabeth once put it. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. To top off the misery the dodgers made it to the World Series. I was in mourning for several days.

When Los Angeles beat the Milwaukee Brewers to get that Golden Ticket I felt the nights get colder, the days not as sunny, and I couldn’t look a Hot Dog in the eye without getting teary.

Am I watching the World Series? Of course I am. I’m in mourning, but I’m not suicidal. A Baseball fan watches Baseball and right now the World Series is the only game in town. Why can’t there be Little League all year long? Those kids don’t need schooling all that much.

Strange as it may seem, I am hoping that the World Series plays out in a four game sweep by the Red Sox so there will be a bright spot to focus on until the start of Spring Training in February. If it goes the full seven games – so be it…as long as Boston wins. Any other result would be a sure test of my Blood Pressure Medication.

To those people, some of them fine, yet misguided, who are not Baseball fans; it is difficult for them to understand my, devotion to The Game.

DNA, computer artwork

“Tis a pity. Tis true, and Pity Tis, Tis True.” – Polonius, in “Hamlet.”

I am a devotee of Baseball = always have been…always will be. Do I need food? Of course. Do I need air to breathe? Some.

A finely executed Double Play is one of the building blocks of my life. It is in my DNA. The Elements of Nucleic Acid are Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, and Horsehide. I can’t argue with Science.

Science to be sure, but it is also an Art. I’m sure that if he was alive today Leonardo Da Vinci would be a big fan of The Game. Being the inventive sort in addition to his other Arts, Leo would figure out a way to cork a bat that would be undetectable. But that would be cheating and could not be condoned – except against the Dodgers who have a long history of fudging with the rules.

So now as the World Series takes the Center Stage in my life. I will root, root, root for the Red Sox until the cows come home and the Cracker Jack is gone. I just cannot show any loyalty for a National League that is represented by The Smurfs.

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5 thoughts on “I Will Survive

  1. LA = Lost Again
    The Bums have lost for 30 straight years. Way to go, BoSox!


  2. Happy the Red Sox won but I’m forever a SF Giants fan

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  3. I’m glad the Red Sox won because the Dodgers knocked the Braves out of the playoffs. I was hoping for a Houston-Milwaukee series because I know every TV person wanted the Red Sox and Dodgers. Life is full of little disappointments…

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