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Fiction Saturday – “Fortune’s Kiss – Conclusion

Fotune’s Kiss – Conclusion

Even the Little Sisters of Saint Clair, forgiving but not forgetting their incarceration, picked up and moved into their new convent which sat on a small, sun swept hill overlooking the settlement.

“A good home”, said the Mother Superior.

Soon the new town realized what they had become and voted to give their creation the name of “Fortune’s Kiss”, recalling both the past and acknowledging the present.

Within another year the old town had given up its last residents as the Mayor and his wife were forced to make the walk to Fortune’s Kiss. As everyone else moved away their fear of starvation became stronger than their fear of being powerless in the new town.

When the Mayor and his wife arrived in Fortune’s Kiss they were met by the woman, who invited them to her home for a sherry and some conversation. After everyone was seated and served their drink the woman spoke.

“Well, Mr. Mayor, oh, I guess I can’t call you that anymore, can I? Especially since I am the Mayor here and you are… my constituent? Well, my fellow citizen, I welcome you to Fortune’s Kiss. This is a friendly town where everyone has the right to say how they think the town should be run. If you choose to stay here you will also have that right. But, to be quite honest with you, I think that you will find it hard to make a living here. All civic officials, the Mayor, the Town Council, and the Police, all of them get no salary and serve at the pleasure of the citizens. There is no money and no power in being a leader here. What do you think? Do you have any skills?”

He looked at his wife. She shrugged and reached for her purse.

“Madame Mayor, I think that I and my wife will not be staying here for very long. We will rest for a few days, replenish our supplies and set out for the Capitol where I shall … do something. You’re right; I don’t think that I have any skills that could support us here. Aside from being a Leader all that I can do well is play the piano.” His wife nodded in proud agreement.

And so, the World went on for the people of Fortune’s Kiss. They were happy in their new homes and the old woman who lived with her girls in the large house on the square was happy too. Her business was good, never better in fact. The customers seemed to like the addition of the piano player. It added a note of elegance to the house. And she was happy that she was living again in the home where she had lived years before with her young and handsome husband who had sent his shirts to France to be laundered and who had disappeared into the Interior in a search for new gold. He never came back, but now she had, and once again there were roses blooming all around her house.


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