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Fashion, Fashion, Who’s Got The Fashion?

I HAD A HORRIBLE SHOCK TO MY SYSTEM last Friday morning. Someone I’ve known and trusted posted pictures from the Gucci Summer 2019 Men’s Collection. High Fashion at 7 AM, before my coffee or my Blood Pressure Meds, is a dangerous thing. Having my loved ones nearby pulled me through.

I don’t know if the fine folks at Gucci have “Substance Issues,” a severe misandristic bent, or a just plain lack of taste. Or maybe they hate their models. I guess it doesn’t matter.

Being the Fashion Maven that I am here in Terre Haute (That’s French for, “I spit on Polyester!”) I am offering you the link to the Gucci website so you can enjoy everything firsthand.,online_chips:menswear&usg=AI4_-kR4dtsqZSIN19xrMpCT2_A2uk6GZQ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwihr8f-xO_dAhVM4YMKHdRwAk4Q4lYIKygD&biw=1024&bih=496&dpr=1

That’s quite a URL, but it will take you to quite a place. I suggest that you take along a fork if you feel the need to gouge out your eyes.

When I saw these models on the runway my first thought was that they had lost some serious bets. In Italy you don’t cross the Mafia or Gucci apparently.

These are outfits that Gucci foresees that the men of the world will be wearing this coming summer season. I’m not sure where they will be wearing them, but one never knows. I can see some Washington DC doofus on the Senate Floor in this.

“My fellow Americans! How do I look, Darlings?”

Maybe not.

Do they make this in my size? I may have to have some minor alterations done. A nip here, a tuck there. A bonfire over there.

I’m trying to visualize how these ensembles will look on the rack at Target or Wally World. Right next to the Lawn Care Products. While some of these clothes have a rather, albeit twisted, sporty look to them I doubt that they will ever appear in the Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop catalogs. Gucci doesn’t work in flannel.

I wonder – Do you think Gucci has ever made waders?

While browsing through the pictures I noticed that some of the models were wearing sunglasses. I can’t blame them. I would crave a little anonymity too if I had to parade about in public dressed like that.

How does one accessorize this? With a bullwhip and a digital cattle prod?

I have spent entirely too much time today looking over this stuff trying to pick out the proper graphics to include. Lady Gaga wouldn’t have wasted as much time as I have. You’ll look at it and be on your way in a couple of minutes. Me? I’ve wasted two hours putting this thing together today. Oh, the sacrifices I make for my Art Literature Blog.

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2 thoughts on “Fashion, Fashion, Who’s Got The Fashion?

  1. This is hilarious!!


  2. Even when I was skinny enough to wear these “fashions,” you wouldn’t catch me dead in any of them.


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