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Emotional Lunch


I SAW A SIGN ON THE FRONT OF A RESTAURANT YESTERDAY and it set me to thinking (I know, a dangerous and often toxic undertaking.).

When I saw this sign it made me come up with a number of questions – the first of which was, “What is an Angry Chicken?”

I can understand why any individual chicken might be angry at being cooked and eaten, but I’ve never really thought about a chicken’s moods.

My experience with chickens is pretty limited to knowing the difference between “Regular” and “Extra Crispy.” Beyond that – I got nothin’. I grew up in town, not out in the country where one might have more interaction with chickens. No, I was raised in a town filled with steel mills where the only animals other than house pets were rats – big, honking, bad attitude, chips on both shoulders, rats. Never saw a chicken, angry or otherwise.

That sign really intrigued me. Is the fact that it is on a Korean restaurant important? Maybe. Most Korean folks I’ve known have been very nice and not likely to upset a chicken – unless of course, the chicken saw one of the Koreans coming at it with a sharp knife. That would make me angry.

According to the sign the chickens are not only angry, but “So, So Angry.” There is more going on here than meets the drumstick. I’ll go along with the idea that these particular Koreans may know how to tick-off a chicken, but… What could they possibly do to make the chickens “So, So, Angry?”

They had to get personal.

“Hey, chicken! Your Mother wears Combat Boots!”

“Hey, chicken! I hear your sister runs around like she’s lost her head!”

“Hey, chicken! You Old Man oversleeps!”


Now, if I was a chicken “Disses” like those would certainly get my pinfeathers up. Maybe the Koreans know how to go about pushing a chicken’s hot buttons – just before they turn on the deep fryer.

This is the only place I’ve ever seen that serves emotionally distressed poultry. What with all of the social activism calling for “Free Range Chickens” and the like, I am surprised that some small and parentally supported group of college Grad Students haven’t adopted this as a cause. I can just imagine them breaking into a Korean restaurant late at night and involving the chickens in Anger Management Therapy sessions.

As you may have deduced by now – yesterday was not a day filled with interesting and complicated mental tasks for me. If it was I don’t think that I would have become so captivated by the conundrums tied to this sign on a Korean restaurant. I don’t even know where this restaurant is and I really don’t care. This whole “Angry Chicken” thing proves that I am, indeed, a fan of “The Center for the Easily Amused.”

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